KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI at the Małopolskie Investor and Exporter Support Forum 2023

Publication date: November 20, 2023

On November 17, 2023, there took place the annual event, the Małopolskie Investor and Exporter Support Forum, at the Krakow Technology Park. For over 14 years, this forum has been a key gathering for professionals and experts in the field. We are delighted to announce the participation of our law firm, KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI, in this significant event, offering a tremendous opportunity for knowledge acquisition and the exchange of thoughts and experiences with fellow forum participants.

The event focused on crucial topics such as global trends and business strategies shaping today’s market. The Forum’s agenda included a lineup of insightful expert interviews, presentations, and an open panel discussion – providing a platform for attendees to expand their knowledge, engage in new economic partnerships, and participate in compelling and inspiring discussions.

The Forum commenced with a lecture titled “The Labor Market and Economic Growth: Challenges for Companies in Light of Demographic Trends and Responses to These Challenges”. Then there took place a panel discussion titled “Export Support System: Is it Only Building Potential and Safe Development? Or is it Also a Way to Attract Investments?” It provided a platform for specialists in banking, regional development, and business owners in Małopolskie.

The discussion revolved around advisory and financial instruments supporting expansion into foreign markets, contributing to increased profits and benefits from international trade.

The final segment was an expert presentation titled “Tax Exemptions, Grants, Incentives: What Entrepreneurs Can Expect in 2024.” During this presentation, experts shared information about subsidies, incentives, and exemptions available for entrepreneurs in the upcoming years, including tax incentives and exemptions, the principles of utilizing tax exemptions, with a special focus on the tax relief within the Poland Investment Zone program. There were also discussed the principles and attractiveness of the research and development tax relief.

The event was participated by Krzysztof Wilk and Martyna Sikora on behalf of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI. Our participation in the Małopolskie Investor and Exporter Support Forum was not only an opportunity for knowledge acquisition but also a chance to establish valuable business relationships.


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