KG Legal participated in workshops “Avoiding the Courts – a short introduction to negotiating/mediating your way to success”

On 22nd September 2017 the associate of KG LEGAL had a chance to take part in amazing workshops “Avoiding the Courts- a short introduction to negotiating/mediating your way to success” organized by Scientific Group of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods TBSP at the Jagiellonian University, led by Janie Clement-Walker, barrister in the United Kingdom, lecturer at the University of Kent.

The workshops’ purpose was to show, that negotiation can be an effective method of dispute resolution, even better that a regular court litigation. The main features have been discussed (such as reduced costs, reduced length of the dispute process, theory of win-win). The participants had also an opportunity to use their knowledge in practise and try to carry out the negotiations experientially.

The meeting was a great chance to look at our legal activity from the international point of view, we are looking forward to further events.


Polish Patent Office Symposium – workshops related to dispute resolutions concerning intellectual property through a mediation and arbitration

KG Legal associate had a great pleasure to take part in workshops dedicated to mediation and arbitration within the scope of intellectual property rights’ protection. The workshops have been organized during the second day of the Polish Paten Office Symposium, which has been held in Cracow.