Polish Patent Office Symposium – workshops related to dispute resolutions concerning intellectual property through a mediation and arbitration

KG Legal associate had a great pleasure to take part in workshops dedicated to mediation and arbitration within the scope of intellectual property rights’ protection. The workshops have been organized during the second day of the Polish Paten Office Symposium, which has been held in Cracow.

The participants – foreign and polish lawyers, representative of the Polish Paten Office, mediators and many, many others – had a chance to listen to two parts of the lecture dedicated to mediation and arbitration. During the first one Mr. Ignacio de Castro (the World Intellectual Property Organisation) presented various aspects of applying for mediation/arbitration in WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center  (for more information please visit ) – i .e. its requirements, advantages and disadvantages, costs and forms. What is more, issued related to mediation, arbitration and court litigation have been compared. The practical way to solve the dispute through a mediation or arbitration has been shown.  The second part has been dedicated to matters connected with intellectual property law and it has been held by dr Marcin Balicki (Allerhand Institute) and Att. Dorota Rzążewska (JWP Patent Agents, Poland). The whole concept of a mediator profession has been presented and the main question asked during the speeches was – do we really need mediations ? Many examples of cases conducted by the speakers in their daily activity have been discussed, especially the length and costs of those processes. They showed, that ADR is profitable indeed, because of the time, costs, effectiveness, objectivity of the mediator/arbitrator and (in case of arbitration) the possibility to execute the judgement internationally. What was also interesting, some issues considering internet domains and its protection have been discussed.

 It has been a great pleasure to meet above mentioned experts and take part in workshops. We are looking forward to participate in the next symposium.