One World Trade Center – KG Legal’s new office in New York (International Branch)

KG Legal’s office in New York:
One World Trade Center, 85th Floor, New York, NY 10007, USA

KG LEGAL KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI has its address in New York, which allows direct contact and exchange of information with international Clients of the Polish law firm operating in Poland and investors from the United States, among others under the Istart1 program.

KG LEGAL KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI has launched a new programme of accelerating international capabilities of our law firm. As a separate branch named iSTART1 (, based in the Lower Manhattan at One World Trade Center, 85th Floor, New York, NY 10007, USA, we have differentiated our aim to develop our international legal assistance in two fields. There are two groups of our global services related therewith: on the one hand, there is transaction advisory assistance (we advise on the content of contracts, how to secure payments and the rules of international acquisition and merger of companies); and on the other hand, we offer investment advisory services. We promote cooperation between start ups and venture partners and assist in serving their transactions. These two types of services have one common goal in the form of acceleration of business (this is always the primary goal of our services).