KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL TAKES PART IN THE EVENT “KRAKÓW: City – space for business. Synergy for the reconstruction of Ukraine”, January 15, 2024

Publication date: December 11, 2023

On January 15, 2024, there will be held the event KRAKÓW: City – space for business. Synergy for the reconstruction of Ukraine. The event is organized by the Polis-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce within the framework of the social campaign “Partnership and Employment” and the project “Work for Reconstruction of Entrepreneurship in Ukraine.” The event will provide a unique platform for diverse professionals, thought leaders, and stakeholders to come together and discuss critical issues surrounding urban development, business opportunities, and collaborative efforts for the reconstruction of Ukraine. The conference will cover a wide range of topics such as urban planning, sustainable development, and the role of businesses in contributing to the reconstruction efforts in Ukraine. Renowned experts and speakers will share valuable insights, best practices, and innovative ideas, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and experience. Participation in the Conference will be an enriching experience. The insights we will gain and connections made will undoubtedly contribute to our professional growth. The event will be participated by Weronika Mazurek on behalf of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL.


Sukuk investment – international perspective

Publication date: March 03, 2023

Sukuk is a financial bond that complies with Islamic religious law commonly known as Sharia. The traditional Western interest-paying bond structure is prohibited in the Islamic law because the riba, or interest debt, goes against precepts of Islam. Therefore, the Islamic countries and investors need a structure to link the returns and cash flows of debt financing to a specific asset being purchased, effectively distributing the benefits of that asset. In order to do that, in Malaysia, the sukuk was created twenty three years ago and, since then, it has become extremely popular in Islamic finance.

Sukuk represents aggregate and undivided shares of ownership in a tangible asset as it relates to a specific project or a specific investment activity. An investor in sukuk, therefore, does not own a debt obligation owed by the bond issuer, but instead owns a piece of the asset that’s linked to the investment. This means that sukuk holders, unlike bond holders, receive a portion of the earnings generated by the associated asset. Hence, financing can only be raised for identifiable asset, this means an asset whose commercial value can be measured.


The future of Cybersecurity in the European Union: New NIS2 Directive framework

Publication date: February 27, 2023

“New times, new threats”. With this motto we can contextualize the outlook of the latest regulation on cybersecurity in the European Union, the NIS2 Directive. It substitutes NIS1 Directive, the previous EU cybersecurity rules from 2016. This one was reviewed at the end of 2020 and as a result of this review, the proposal for a Directive on measures for high common level of cybersecurity was presented by the Commission on 16th December 2020. The review showed that NIS1 had certain limitations. In a more digital society, new threats that were previously unnoticed or non-existent appear, and the old regulations, although they provided certain guarantees, are now obsolete. In particular, the Commission highlighted these main issues:

  • Insufficient level of cyber resilience of businesses operating in the EU;
  • Inconsistent resilience across Member States and sectors;
  • Insufficient common understanding of the main threats and challenges among Member States;
  • Lack of joint crisis response.



Publication date: February 22, 2023

Innovations in AV: Showcasing the Future of Audio and Visual Technology – 2, March 2023 in London

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI lawyers are taking part in the event: “Showcasing the Future of Audio and Visual Technology – Innovations in AV” on March 2, 2023. The event will take place in 55 Bartholomew Close London where the news perspectives and advances on the field of AV technology will be presented to all corporate clients looking to keep in the firsts lanes of the market. The event is organised within LCCI, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event is organized by SPOR Group, a London-based Company dedicated to provide new advance technology solutions to a vast range of clients. During the event, the visitors will be shown technological developments in five principal sectors. The emphasis will be on Digital Signage, especially to create engaging and informative experiences for customers and employees. Meeting room Technology, especially on interactive displays, wireless presentation and video conferencing solutions. Space Booking underlining the integration between shared spaces and calendar systems and other tools. Remote Workforces, following its rise in importance during the lasts years, to give support and security of remote workers through AV systems. Networking – this event brings the opportunity and the places to get in touch with other corporate clients, industry experts and vendors and to learn other perspectives and approaches to their own AV deployments.



Publication date: February 21, 2023

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI is proud to be selected as one of most desired employers among law firms in Poland, according to one of the international students organisations.  

The results in a legal organization always result from the full commitment of the entire team, whose potential must always be a balance between many years of experience and the energy and new ideas of young lawyers who spare no effort in acquiring practical skills, which is an integral complement to education and theoretical university knowledge.

Transferring practical knowledge and sharing experience with the next generation of lawyers in Poland is the natural goal and mission of KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI’s presence in the international legal environment.
We are proud and honoured of the fact that our law firm is listed at the forefront of anonymous student rankings, completely independent of any public or professional organizations or institutions.

Our law firm is noticed not only on the domestic exchange of “desirable” places for gaining practical education.

Only recently, one of the students from Western Europe joined our team as part of the ERASMUS program.