Publication date: February 22, 2023

Innovations in AV: Showcasing the Future of Audio and Visual Technology – 2, March 2023 in London

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI lawyers are taking part in the event: “Showcasing the Future of Audio and Visual Technology – Innovations in AV” on March 2, 2023. The event will take place in 55 Bartholomew Close London where the news perspectives and advances on the field of AV technology will be presented to all corporate clients looking to keep in the firsts lanes of the market. The event is organised within LCCI, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event is organized by SPOR Group, a London-based Company dedicated to provide new advance technology solutions to a vast range of clients. During the event, the visitors will be shown technological developments in five principal sectors. The emphasis will be on Digital Signage, especially to create engaging and informative experiences for customers and employees. Meeting room Technology, especially on interactive displays, wireless presentation and video conferencing solutions. Space Booking underlining the integration between shared spaces and calendar systems and other tools. Remote Workforces, following its rise in importance during the lasts years, to give support and security of remote workers through AV systems. Networking – this event brings the opportunity and the places to get in touch with other corporate clients, industry experts and vendors and to learn other perspectives and approaches to their own AV deployments.

The aim of the meeting is to bring together the decision-makers to generate a development of conclusions and ideas. If entrepreneurship is added to the equation, the market is likely to be reached.

SPOR Group is a member of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). This Institution is London’s key hub for the business community. It provides to its members access to a range of business services, from networking events to bespoke advices to events like this Showcasing of AV technology. Besides these services, LCCI works with a great variety of institutions and groups such as Universities, Financial Institutions, High Tech Groups, Infrastructures Hub and a great diversity of Lobby groups.

AV technologies are increasingly becoming an essential cog in the corporate world. The way we interact with computers is no longer only by pressing keys; and the uses we give to them and to interact with others have changed alongside. Remote working has come to stay in our labour market. Video conferencing and online shared spaces are the two AV technologies that allow this change. This translated to the corporate world means of new ways of working, with their respective legal implications. The facilities of working away from the workplace allow a more efficient distribution of the efforts of the workers. However, this also allows to new scenarios and situations that they must be regulated, especially at the perspective of workplace hazard prevention.

Moreover, AV technologies can provide to corporate world the keys to bring together the means and chains of production distributed around the world.

Especially important is the role that AV technology is gaining on fields like Internet of Things (IoT) and, consequently, in Cybersecurity. The IoT allows physical objects with the ability to communicate based in the exchange data with other devices using the internet. AV technology enters in action with the facilitation of communication by high-quality sensors like alarm systems, lighting, microphones and video display. In doing so, these companies are able to create dynamic, engaging AV experiences for in-office and remote participants. Cybersecurity is a bit forgotten in this sector but, with the inclusion of cloud computing platforms for the exchange of data, it is crucial to ensure that all members of the company follow strict cybersecurity protocols to avoid data breach risk. Furthermore, is important to work with audiovisual integration specialists to continuously monitor your system.

In conclusion, AV technology empowers organizations by facilitating effective collaboration and communication and enhancing productivity.

KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI as a legal advisor in all legal and business aspects of IT, BIO-IT, Media and new technologies law in cross-border relations will be part of this event.