Trade reports in risk analysis and counterparty verification in Poland

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL has recently participated in a training devoted to trade and business reports in risk analysis and investments in Poland. The information gained through the training will help our Clients in a more careful selection of a suitable business partner and will increase the transparency of business standing.

IPG Trade Reports

The basic source of information on the financial data of business entities is the Polish National Court Register. Reliability can also be assessed on the basis of data from the Court and Economic Journal, the Polish National Business Registry Number database, debtor registers, and information from InfoCredit companies and partners (IPG reports). These IPG reports present the situation of a given company in detail. Among other things, they present the structure of shareholders of the entity, which is one of the basic parameters of risk assessment connected with a given company. They also contain current and historical financial ratios. They also contain a complete ratio analysis of parameters such as liquidity, indebtedness, operating efficiency, profitability, and capital and asset structure. Trade reports also contain information on the structure of employment, which is collected directly from companies. Despite the decision of the Ministry of Finance in 2017, regarding the inclusion of import and export data under fiscal secrecy, the reports contain information on business activity.