Obtaining the permit for investing in the SEZ – The procedure – DOING BUSINESS IN POLAND PART VII

doing-business-in-polandObtaining the permit for investing in the SEZ – The procedure

The main stages of the procedure of applying for a permit to operate in the SEZ and to purchase/lease the real property in the SEZ are:

1) the investor’s letter of intent to the administrator of the SEZ, defining the parameters of the investment in the selected location;

2) submitting the offer, together with the business plan;

3) obtaining a permit to operate in the SEZ by way of a tender or negotiations;

4) purchasing or leasing real property in the SEZ. According to polish law, this permit is a base for being beneficiary of state aid provided.


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KG Legal Polish Law Firm – cross border legal problems in public procurement

KG Legal cooperates with Romanian law firms specializing in Romanian public procurement law on behalf of the Polish entrepreneur operating in civil engineering infrastructure.

Polish construction companies more increasingly take part in tenders under public procurement in the Balkans. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that Polish entrepreneurs have legal problems in obtaining the contracts. In such cases there arises the need to be provided with cross border legal services. Normally the latter takes place in the form of a cooperation between the Polish law firm and a foreign law firm from a given jurisdiction. When the Polish entrepreneur takes part in a tender organized by the Romanian public entity, the legal advice for such a company requires the support of a Polish lawyer specializing in international contract law as well as the assistance of Romanian lawyers specializing in Romanian public procurement law.