KG Legal cooperates with Scandinavian law firm

picutre shows scandinavian states with flagsKG Legal cooperates with Scandinavian law firm in the field of consultancy in the Polish energy law.

Polish energy law has been amended.

If you interested in new regulations you can find link to the text and our video presenting new regulations HERE.


Cooperation between KG LEGAL and Shannons Solicitors

KG LEGAL established cooperation with Irish law firm – Shannons Solicitors. The cooperation concerning personal injury on an non-exclusive basis. KG LEGAL and Shannons Solicitors will help each other inter alia in translating legal documents, writing legal opinions.

Shannons Solicitors is a law firm based in Ireland specialising in Personal Injury, Property and Family Law. They also provide services in Criminal Law and Notary Public.

In a recent few years you could read about the Volkswagen emissions scandal (also known as “emissionsgate” or “dieselgate”). Our new business partner is dealing with this case and you can find details on their website: “Shannons have now issued and served court proceedings on VW Germany, VW Ireland and retail garages on behalf of clients affected by the VW emissions scandal.

The action is for breach of contract, misrepresentation and fraud seeking damages for all losses incurred including depreciation”. (source: