As for service procedure of documents in Poland until present, the common form was a paper letter that had to be sent with an acknowledgement of receipt. The changes introduced by the 2019-2021 amendments to the Polish administrative procedure, particularly the 2021 amendment on electronic service, are intended to effectively change the way parties are informed about the stages in the procedure. The changes move correspondence with government entities to an electronic level. From 5 October 2021, there have entered into force the changes which concern, among others, the principle of written documents (Article 14 of the Code of Administrative Procedure), provisions on the power of attorney (Article 33 of the Polish Code of Administrative Procedure ), time limits (Article 35 of the Polish Code of Administrative Procedure), reminders (Article 37 of the Code of Administrative Procedure), service (Articles 39-49 of the Code of Administrative Procedure), summons (Articles 50, 54 of the Code of Administrative Procedure), time limits (Article 57), or commencement of proceedings (Articles 61, 63 of the Code of Administrative Procedure).



Intellectual property in life science – training

KG Legal participated in a traininig about intellectual property in life science. Issues related to patents and trademarks, especially in pharmaceutical sector have been discussed  during the training. The speakers explained the supplementary protection certificate (SPC) and its role in the pharmaceutical sector. Moreover, the issues of practical nature, such as filing the patent application and patent researches, were taken up.

In the following part of the training various matters of trademarks were disscused, including but not limited to marking of packages of medicinal products, proceedings for the protection of the trademark, advertisements of medicinal products and diet supplements.


KG LEGAL develops cooperation with Hannover Messe exhibitors

KG Legal develops cooperation due to ongoing Hannover Messe, which is the largest technological and industrial fair in Europe.

If you are interested in fairs you can visit official website:

Photo from official website of fairs.


Mobile IT Kraków 2017

Besides legal services KG Legal participates in various IT industry events. That is why we visited Mobile IT 2017 fairs in EXPO Kraków on the 22nd February. Mobile IT are the largest fairs from IT sector in Kraków. The fairs featured the subject of e-commerce, mobile applications and new technologies. It was a great occasion to meet new people and establish business contacts.

We publish short videos and photos from event below.


Controversial article 25 of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

istock-182786891-canadaControversial article 25 of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

The goal of CETA regarding to biotechnology is to overcome Canada’s issues with the European Union market called ‘market access issues’.

Canada is the 5th largest producer of GM crops in the world, growing and exporting GM canola, corn, soy and white sugarbeet and Europe has not yet approved all of these same GM crops for human consumption. Taking this into consideration Europe needs to quickly approve GM foods and crops that being exported by Canada. In Poland the public debate has started, since GM food is thought as “worse” than the food produced in a conventional manner.

In addition, the Polish translation of the CETA had to be corrected, since the article 25.2 pt. 2d) which the original form is ‘to engage in regulatory cooperation to minimise adverse trade impacts of regulatory practices related to biotechnology products’ has been mistranslated thereby it had the opposite meaning in Polish.


The information was prepared by Kamil Trzaskoś of KG Legal Polish Law Firm. KG Legal provides specialised legal assistance to IT, Life Science as well as investment processes in Poland and organises networking between Polish and international companies and research centres.

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