A Global Livestream Experience

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI will take part in an international conference organized by GRC World Forums on latest developments, strategies and insights across financial crime. FinCrime World Forum brings together a globally engaged audience to discuss, challenge debate and address how we can make the world a safer place. The event will take place from 27 – 28 October 2021 in an online format. The conference will include the following panels:

· Turbo-Charging the Regulators

· The Hidden Risks of ‘Tech-Fin’

· From RegTech to EffectTech

· Transparency Vs. Kleptocracy

· Sanctions: Weapon of Choice, Systemic Solutions to a Systemic Problem

These issues are in line with the activities of our law firm and its specialisation in financial crimes, cybersecurity and technology.

The event will discuss topics such as:

  • The recent and ongoing regulatory changes across the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific region
    • The financial crime risks arising from “financialised technology”
    • How sanctions can be used as a weapon against financial crime
    • The root causes behind corrupt flows of klepto graphic funds
    • The role of financial services providers, data, and tech in tackling the problem
    • How such risks impact FinTech and the wider financial services sector
    • Using synthetic datasets to test platform settings
    • How cooperation between the public and private sectors has developed to fight COVID-19 scams
    • How firms can position themselves as supportive partners in change
    • The use of automated penetration testing against financial crime controls
    • The problem of ‘left behind’ jurisdictions where regulators have fewer resources
    •  How actors from across sectors are repurposing FinTech in non-financial services contexts
    • The development of commercial “typology libraries” for use in platforms
    • How broad „democratic” and “authoritarian” blocs are using economic and financial statecraft against each other—and how financial services providers can get caught in the middle
    • How firms should approach compliance challenges in a world where sanctions regimes compete rather than complement one another
    • The role that service architectures, central bank digital currencies, crypto, and blockchain could play in providing a connected view of financial crime risks
    • How states are seeking to deal with kleptocracy through corporate transparency
    • Whether ongoing know-your-customer (KYC) utilities and private sector joint-monitoring experiments can contribute to effective systemic financial crime solutions.


Development of the Polish medical and pharmaceutical industry

The Polish medical and pharmaceutical industry has a long tradition. In recent years, its structure and dynamics have changed significantly. The domestic pharmaceutical industry is one of the strategic industries of the Polish economy. It plays a key role in the whole healthcare system, providing Polish patients with examined, effective, high-quality and affordable medicines. Most Polish pharmaceutical companies have been privatized and numerous companies have been taken over by large foreign pharmaceutical corporations. In addition, new successful companies are emerging, which thanks to their innovation and implementation of new technologies, are entering foreign markets and becoming competitors of foreign companies. They also contribute to a significant increase in the competitiveness of the Polish economy.

Development in figures


Transfer of personal data to the UK

The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union had an impact on the rules on the flow of personal data. From that point on, the UK became a third country as defined in the GDPR, the consequence of which – among other things – was intended to limit the free flow of personal data to and from the EU. However, this has not happened. Initially, on December 24, 2020, UK and EU representatives signed a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) that allowed the free transfer of personal data from the UK to the EU 6 months longer.

New decisions of the European Commission

This year the European Commission has adopted two implementing decisions finding an adequate level of protection for personal data in the UK: implementing decision dated 28.06.2021 in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the adequate protection of personal data by the United Kingdom and implementing decision of 28.06.2021 in accordance with Directive 2016/680 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the adequate protection of personal data by the United Kingdom.



KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL constantly supervises and prepares its lawyers for the specialization in which they provide services for foreign clients. In order to systematize the conceptual grid of very specialized fields of IT, fintech, blockchain, KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI conducts internal consultations to improve the experience of our lawyers specializing in legal assistance for foreign clients from the IT and TECH sector. As a result of such internal research, KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI creates and publishes texts on topics related to modern legal problems, but also to explain the basic concepts of specialized technology and IT fields. In this way, KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI aims to demonstrate to potential clients within specialized industries that our lawyers are also familiar with specialist terms necessary for a proper understanding of our foreign client’s business and legal needs, especially in relation to clients operating in all sectors of production with the use of blockchains as well as supply chains using blockchains.

This is one of those texts. We invite you to read it.




On 20 October 2021 KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI will take part in 20TH EDITION OF CEE INDUSTRY LEADERS EXPO for E-COMMERCE. The event is dedicated for online sellers in Poland.

The fairs will consist of case studies, presentation of services and analysis of the market. Some of the topics discussed by the panelists will include: InPost Fulfillment; Shipping to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece; How to increase sales thanks to Ceneo; Real Time Bidding auctions; SXO or UX + SEO in generating sales; Maximizing sales on Amazon; New rules in Poland for calculating VAT in E-commerce; Machine Learning at; Progressive Web Apps – an online store available anytime and anywhere.