On 10 February 2022 KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL will take part in the training organized by the European Commission. The topic of the meeting will be the Access2Markets platform and its dedicated tools and their application. The training will cover a full presentation of the Access2Markets platform, including the tools:

My sales assistant – (export and import information on tariffs, taxes and import formalities, customs procedures),

Trade and investment barriers,

Trading statistics,

ROSA (a tool for self-assessment of compliance with the rules of origin in preferential EU-third countries trade agreements),

Single Entry Point – reporting barriers on third-country markets to the European Commission,

Preferential trade agreements between the EU and third countries,



KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL participated in the training devoted to “Polish National Electronic Invoicing System” – obligatory system for entrepreneurs in Poland from 2023, voluntary in 2022

Electronic Invoicing System

The workshop devoted to the new Polish system of electronic invoicing took place on 27 January 2022, it was organized by the Business Trends Academy, a joint project of Soneta LLC, software developer ENOVA 365, Microsoft and Intel.

About the Polish National e-Invoice System (KSeF)

The Polish National e-Invoice System (KSeF) is operated by the Polish Head of the National Fiscal Administration, who is the administrator of all data in the National e-Invoice System.

Functionality of the Polish National e-Invoice System:

  • granting, modifying and withdrawing permissions and notification of possession or withdrawal of permissions
  • verification of permissions at login attempt
  • issuing, accessing, receiving, storing and assigning identification numbers to structured invoices
  • verification of the compliance of the sent invoice with the template (scheme).
  • notification of temporary non-functioning of the system and of attempted login by an unauthorised person.


Trade reports in risk analysis and counterparty verification in Poland

Trade reports in risk analysis and counterparty verification in Poland

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL has recently participated in a training devoted to trade and business reports in risk analysis and investments in Poland. The information gained through the training will help our Clients in a more careful selection of a suitable business partner and will increase the transparency of business standing.

IPG Trade Reports

The basic source of information on the financial data of business entities is the Polish National Court Register. Reliability can also be assessed on the basis of data from the Court and Economic Journal, the Polish National Business Registry Number database, debtor registers, and information from InfoCredit companies and partners (IPG reports). These IPG reports present the situation of a given company in detail. Among other things, they present the structure of shareholders of the entity, which is one of the basic parameters of risk assessment connected with a given company. They also contain current and historical financial ratios. They also contain a complete ratio analysis of parameters such as liquidity, indebtedness, operating efficiency, profitability, and capital and asset structure. Trade reports also contain information on the structure of employment, which is collected directly from companies. Despite the decision of the Ministry of Finance in 2017, regarding the inclusion of import and export data under fiscal secrecy, the reports contain information on business activity.


Upgraded diagnostic medical device with AI software module for prognostic purposes – legal status in the EU – is it still the same medical device?

Artificial intelligence (AI) used in medical devices

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are being used more and more boldly in areas that until now were reserved exclusively for humans. They are mainly used in decision-making, image analysis, speech, or natural languages analysis. These systems involve creating models of intelligent behaviour that can be used in computer programs and solve problems that cannot be solved using standard classical algorithms. This requires large amounts of data through which AI applications learn patterns and features that predict the output. This makes them different from classical algorithms, which have predefined rules and which AI creates on its own based on data provided to it. In medical devices AI causes operational speeding up of mechanisms and analysis of particular cases.

Artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis and prognosis


KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL will participate in “Healthtronics EU-Israel bridge”

On 27 January 2022 there will take place the event “Healthtronics EU – Israel bridge”, organized by LifeScience Cluster Krakow, which will be attended by partners from KG LEGAL. The meeting is aimed at establishing cooperation between Polish, European and Israeli entities within the framework of a virtual business mission and their familiarisation with the health sector in the European Union countries and Israel. In addition, it aims to broaden the horizons of the high-tech industry, provide practical knowledge on the commercialisation of products and inspire projects in the field of health and biotechnology. The meeting will discuss topics related to value chains in the health sector, the e-health ecosystem in Israel and the Israeli medical device sector. During the meeting, a three-hour networking event is planned for representatives of companies from the European Union countries and Israel, who will have the opportunity to present themselves during the meeting and establish contacts between each other. Companies such as ARANET, BIO-T, BORN, PERCEPTUS, DARWIN BIOMEDICAL, TYTOCARE, VIRUSIGHT, VITALERTER, YSIUM MEDICAL, ZAYA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE will participate in the meeting.