One of KG Legal international Clients has bought a luxury apartment in the heart of Krakow’s tourist district.

One of KG Legal international Clients has bought a luxury apartment in the heart of Krakow’s tourist district. The apartment has a status of a historical heritage object – the value of the transaction and the case is 2.3 million PLN

KG Legal provided its full legal support to an international investor (including comprehensive legal advice and certified translations) in a complex process of the acquisition of a prestigious estate in Krakow’s tourist district.


One year of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL membership in Krakow’s LifeScience Cluster

klaster-life-sciences-krakowOn 7 July 2016 Attorney Małgorzata Kiełtyka and attorney Kazimierz Jakub Gładkowski took part in the Programme Council of the Krakow’s Foundation LifeScience Cluster. KG Legal, having the status of “silver membership” in the Cluster took part in the vote on the new Programme Council of the Cluster, which includes, among others, academic staff and managers of the best Polish medical universities, R&D entities as well as the leading Polish medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


KG Legal Polish Law Firm – cross border legal problems in public procurement

KG Legal cooperates with Romanian law firms specializing in Romanian public procurement law on behalf of the Polish entrepreneur operating in civil engineering infrastructure.

Polish construction companies more increasingly take part in tenders under public procurement in the Balkans. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that Polish entrepreneurs have legal problems in obtaining the contracts. In such cases there arises the need to be provided with cross border legal services. Normally the latter takes place in the form of a cooperation between the Polish law firm and a foreign law firm from a given jurisdiction. When the Polish entrepreneur takes part in a tender organized by the Romanian public entity, the legal advice for such a company requires the support of a Polish lawyer specializing in international contract law as well as the assistance of Romanian lawyers specializing in Romanian public procurement law.


KG Legal advises a British employer on the approval by the Polish court of the UK settlement in respect of the employee’s claims – the value of the settlement 0.5 million PLN

The presence of Polish nationals in Great Britain necessitates constant cooperation of British law firms with KG Legal in employment matters. This is due to the fact that the settlements concluded outside Poland need to be approved by the Polish civil court, in case a party to such a settlement is a Polish citizen (or Polish business entity). Our law firm provided assistance in a cross-border employment case in which there was concluded a settlement before the Labour Dispute Conciliation Committee (ACAS) in London. In the light of the Polish civil procedure the institution of this type should be regarded as an equivalent to the arbitration court. The recognition or declaration of enforceability of an arbitration award issued abroad or a settlement reached before the arbitration court abroad is decided by the Polish civil court after conducting the hearing (Art. 1215 § 1 of the Civil Procedure Code).


Negotiations of KG Legal Swiss client with the authorities of the leading Polish technical university

The representatives of KG Legal took part in a series of meetings of the board of the company with Swiss capital with the authorities and scientists from a number of the Polish technical institutions, including technical universities.

The subject of the talks is to determine the possibility of creating a joint interdisciplinary project aimed at the transfer of technology. This is yet another project of KG Legal in which our lawyers on behalf of international clients within the framework of legal assistance provide help in negotiations and communication with the Polish industry, including coordination in creating R&D teams. In this way, international clients operating in such sectors as construction, bio-pharma, IT and new technologies, cooperate with the largest Polish academic centers, also with the support of the European Union funds.