Lawyers from KG Legal law firm at the opening of new LifeScience’s subject in Cracow: Garage of LifeScience [Bio.Hacker.Space type of venture] Part 1


logo-garaz-lifescience-300x180Information about event (Bio.Hacker.Space)

On the 3rd of November, the official opening of the Garage LifeScience took place in Cracow. Garage was created by Foundation Klaster LifeScience and Garage of Complexity in association with Jagiellonian Center of Innovation. The patronage of the project is the city of Cracow.

Garage? What is it? Bio.Hacker.Space in Cracow

This is the first Bio.Hacker.Space project in Poland. It is the place, where creators and aficionados of Do it yourself (DIY) idea can materialize their ideas, despite the fact of having no resources needed to implement it. The role models for Garage’s founders are similar projects from whole world, especially BioCurious – the first laboratory space, established in 2010.

Development of biotechnology in Cracow

Garage will be a place, where creators from different fields will help one another. And then, maybe this cooperation will provide a new invention. Biotechnology will be the most emphasized field of science in the Garage.

On the website of Klaster LifeScience ( the main goals of Garage are given:

  • ideation
  • exploration
  • demonstration
  • education

Determination of development paths

In the first part of programme dr. Jakub Mielczarek (co-founder of Complexity Garage) presented restrictions, which can stimulate or stiffle creators. For instance, lack of access to professional laboratory equipment may force them to build own equipment, which are often cheapier than the commercial equivalents. What is more, limited budget will stimulate creativity of inventors ,which have to find the optimal solution at once.

On the other hand, the level of complexity of the electrical devices might stiffle the creators, since, as dr. Mielczarek said, formerly you only needed to have tool and basic knowledge, now, you rather go to service than try to fix the issue.

Synthetic biology in Cracow – ‘biological version of electronics and programming’

Then, dr. Mielczarek introduced directions, which, in his opinion, should be develop in Garage LifeScience. First of them is synthetic biology, which is, as he said, „biological version of electronics and programming”. The second one is synthetic food, especially synthetic meat, on which there are growing demand. Moreover, putting into circulation this type of food might solve the problem of inhumane treatment of animals. Other path indicated by dr. Mielczarek is microfluidics, that will significantly improve analyzing results of e.g. blood, because it would be „a miniature laboratory”, that would be in every home nad there would not be necessary to carry out test in medical center.

Microfluidics and 3D Bioprinting

The next ones are 3D bioprinting and personalized medicine. First of them will provide artificial transplants and models of organs for research. The second one will let to choose suitable treatment for the patient in a right time based on information included in the human genome sequence such as drug reactions. The last direction are electordes implanted intracerebrally, which, as dr. Mielczarek said, will be a step towards superintelligence. „The human +” is a person who will use all of this invention mentioned above.