KG LEGAL KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI has taken part in Coffee or Cognac networking event organized by ITechLaw Association as its member.

The networking event is a great occasion to connect with other technology lawyers regardless of where they live and discuss, less formally than usual, the most recent cases that they handled.


The partners of KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI KG LEGAL will take part in the plenary session of the conference organized by WALL STREET JOURNAL devoted to the broadly understood issues of artificial intelligence.

The subject of the conference is the use of artificial intelligence in hybrid work using satellite work, the use of AI in the work environment, the use of artificial intelligence in the supply chain and digitization in the supply chain; improving digital business; using machine learning in light of market changes caused by a global pandemic.

During the break, KG LEGAL law firm will take an active part in a Q&A session devoted to the estimated rate of return and investment costs in artificial intelligence, with the participation of the editor-in-chief of CFO Journal of the Wall Street Journal Business column and SVP of the Global Supply Chain of the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics.


INTERVIEW with attorney Jakub Gładkowski, Founding Partner of KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI KG LEGAL

Bulletin of the Netherlands Polish Chamber of Commerce, No. 74, Spring 2021

INTERVIEW with attorney Jakub Gładkowski, Founding Partner of KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI KG LEGAL:

“Supporting cross-border cooperation and helping globalisation processes is one of the greatest challenges for current business in Poland”

Can you tell us more about your company?

Jakub Gładkowski: „KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI Law Firm is a team of Polish attorneys. We specialise in providing services to foreign companies that need legal assistance in Poland to establish and grow their businesses here. We have earned the trust of large corporate clients, through our proven track record over the years of providing legal advice in cross-border cases, including commercial and corporate law, contracts, civil and commercial litigation, labour law, with particular emphasis on the legal needs of clients operating in the sector of new technologies, IT, life sciences and representatives of conventional branches of industry, as well as transport and logistics services.

We owe our growing portfolio of key clients to the non-standard — umbrella-like — personnel structure of our law firm, in which we work only with experienced, qualified lawyers with international experience. This means that our clients always pay for specific professional work, without any unnecessary work performed by younger legal trainees. Thanks to our clients, we are in the world’s leading rankings of law firms, such as The Legal 500.”


Practical aspects of the UK-EU trade deal

KG Legal Kieltyka Gladkowski is attending the webinar on Tuesday, 5 January 2020 organised by the UK Institute of Export & International Trade. The webinar will be devoted to practical aspects of the UK-EU trade deal. There will be presented an overview of the major aspects that the deal traders need to prepare for, including:

  • Rules of Origin
  • Customs and VAT rules
  • Product and regulatory compliance
  • Trade in services – including financial and legal
  • Rules for business travel
  • Mutual recognition of qualifications

The knowledge gained through this webinar will enable our lawyers to provide tailor made legal services for our Clients in cross border cases.


International contract law for e-sport industry

International contract law for e-sport industry

In the coming days, the lawyers of KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI LEGAL will take part in a webinar organized by a law firm with its offices in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, New York, Chicago and Phoenix, devoted to “Securing brand value in E-sport in individualized agreements such as “TALENT CONTRACTS”.

Talent contract, becoming increasingly more popular in the Polish legal market, is a kind of a very characteristic civil law contract, used in legal practice, for example, to regulate the legal relationship between an investor and a “performer” in the sports, advertising, artistic and other freelance industries.

Interest in this type of agreements from the American jurisdiction results from the fact that KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI LEGAL participates in cross-border cooperation for foreign clients in projects of contractually securing legal interests from the perspective of the rights of the creator and producer of new technologies for products intended for the professional sports sector, such as utility equipment using artificial intelligence (for example: augmented reality glasses).

Participation in the webinar of KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI LEGAL team is based on:

  • seeking legal solutions in the implementation of solutions for the protection of patent and property rights (including license rights) of software copyrights;
  • exchange of experience as to the practical effectiveness of contractual clauses relating to the protection of the software producers against liability resulting from the legal regulations (including the European Union) concerning dangerous products;
  • effective legal solutions in creating contracts between the organizers of e-sport games and their participants; especially with regard to issues such as image protection, remuneration, financial conditions for participation in professional e-sport events, as well as issues related to sponsorship, streaming royalties; legal rules for using the equipment.