KG LEGAL | Polish law firm

specialising in cross border cases with its focus on life science, biotech, medtech, IT, new technologies and investment processes in Poland.


Who are our Clients?

KG Legal, as a Polish law firm, helps to advance business objectives of Internet and e-commerce companies, Internet service providers, application service providers, TCP/IP-based hardware and software developers, search engines and portals, content companies as well as companies selling goods and services over the Web.


Information Technology:

  • Legal assistance on drafting and negotiating software agreements;
  • Providing legal support for internet-based activities under Polish law;
  • Legal support in Internet access services and maintenance of websites;
  • Legal assistance in respect of website and online services development and review, hosted services, digital media and multimedia offerings;
  • Counselling on violation of intellectual property rights;
  • Legal support regarding content licensing, software licensing, privacy and security, trademarks and domain names;
  • Comprehensive legal support in transactions connected with cloud computing;
  • Legal support in data room projects.


  • Comprehensive legal assistance in e-commerce activities in Poland;
  • Advising on click-through and Web-wrap agreements under Polish law;
  • Providing counselling on user agreements and terms of service as well as Web hosting agreements in Poland;
  • Legal support in respect of privacy policies and related disclosures;
  • Recommendations on most suitable legal structures for online payments;
  • Legal assistance in meeting the requirements of online marketing under Polish law;
  • Legal assistance in regulatory requirements under Polish law.


Counselling in software patenting :

  • Legal counselling on the basis of the Polish intellectual property law and Polish industrial property law;
  • Legal assistance in patent registration in EPO (European Patent Office);
  • Legal support in respect of proceedings before the President of the Polish Patent Office;
  • Representing Clients before Polish administrative authorities and Polish administrative courts (Provincial Administrative Court and the Polish Supreme Administrative Court);
  • Legal support in litigation in Poland in respect of copyright infringement.

Personal data protection and data security:

  • Drafting memoranda on personal data protection and data security under Polish law;
  • Legal support with international transfers of personal data under Polish jurisdiction, including the use of Model Contract Clauses;
  • Legal advice on the use of cookies and similar user identification technologies;
  • Legal assistance in data sharing and exploitation, also in regulated industries and healthcare and pharmaceutical sector;
  • Representing Clients in proceedings before the Inspector General for the Personal Data Protection (GIODO);
  • Representing Clients before national regulatory and administrative authorities.


Health Tech / Digital health

  • Providing legal assistance in software development and exploitation contracts in health tech;
  • Legal assistance in cloud service contracts;
  • Advising companies and investors in health tech in Poland;
  • Legal support in comprehensive regulatory matters, including the advice on qualifying a product as a medical device;
  • Legal counselling on data processing in health tech projects;
  • Comprehensive legal support in outsourcing contracts in digital health.

Fintech (Financial Technology):

  • Legal support in a number of areas related to innovations in financial services;
  • Advising on B2B, B2C and C2C interactions;
  • Legal support in regulatory issues related to Fintech sector and investment tools under Polish law;
  • Legal assistance in transactions and relations involving peer-to-peer, digital currency, mobile and online payments;
  • Advising on legal issues related to alternative lending and blockchain technology.


Media, Communication and Advertising:

  • Advising publishers of internet services, including foreign publishers on the basis of Polish press law;
  • Legal assistance in respect of Web advertising compliance;
  • Legal support on distribution systems;
  • Drafting and reviewing distribution agreements;
  • Representing telecommunications and wireless clients in commercial transactions service and technology providers;
  • Counselling on the basis of Directive 2002/21/EC on a common regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services.


  • Comprehensive legal assistance in respect of tailored-made software development for cross-disciplinary projects, including healthcare and biotechnology;
  • Legal assistance in cross border contracts with Polish software developers in projects connected with developing biomedical data analysis software;
  • Legal support in negotiating terms and conditions of contracts in BIO-IT projects with Polish contractors and service providers;
  • Comprehensive legal assistance in biotechnology software licensing.