Positive findings from the administrative audit performed on a sample of 1,000 translations from the last 36 months, prove the good practices and due diligence of KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI team.

Why is it worth ordering a translation from KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI:
On December 16, 2019, the Voivode of Lesser Poland positively audited almost one thousand of the certified legal translations that the lawyers of KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI KG LEGAL performed over the past three years as part of cross border legal expertise. The audit was carried out as part of the administrative procedure and the Polish Act of 25 November 2004 on the profession of sworn translators (consolidated text published in the Polish Journal of Laws dated 2019, item 1326) by the local Authority of the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration. https://www.kg-legal.eu/info/kg-legal-news/positive-administrative-control-of-legal-translations-of-kieltyka-gladkowski-team/

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI is a team of lawyers who additionally have the qualifications of a sworn translator. KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI uses this authority for the purposes of conducting cross-border cases, thanks to which a foreign Client has a guarantee that foreign legal documents that must be translated into Polish for the purposes of court proceedings will not fall into the wrong hands during translation.

Specialized documents, which to a large extent constitute documentary evidence in court proceedings in Poland, are the carrier of sensitive business secrets and financial data.

In the economic circulation, the activity of foreign companies before the Polish courts is of key importance in this regard, Article 256 of the Polish Code of Civil Procedure:

“The court may require that a document in a foreign language be translated by a sworn translator.”

Therefore, foreign Clients using the services of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI law firm can be sure that documents constituting evidence in important cases in Poland:

– are translated with faithful translation, taking into account the legal culture of the Polish jurisdiction and taking into account the legal environment and legal context of a specific case;

– have been translated within appropriate time in the course of the court procedure, because in Poland, due to the freedom of initiative of the parties, it is the party, not the court, that decides when a given document should be presented in the case as evidence.

In Poland, the licence of the profession of a sworn / certified translator is granted by the Polish Ministry of Justice to persons who have confirmed their knowledge of a foreign language.

Such a mechanism of granting authorizations means that the standard of the Polish market of sworn translations is, unfortunately, disadvantageous for clients, the fact that most sworn translators in Poland do not have the appropriate language skills for legal texts, because they are not lawyers.

Lack of proper preparation as to the knowledge of legal texts, in turn, creates the risk of a problem with the faithful translation of a foreign document.

A faithful translation of a foreign text is of particular importance in the case of corporate documents (for example companies registered in tax havens), in which the principles of decision-making, authority an governance are written in a language code that differs from the standards and legal structures in Poland. Therefore, it is necessary to have an appropriate sense of the meaning of a legal specialist who, apart from the required knowledge of the language, is able to make the right decision as to the use of specific legal terms denoting specific legal effects.

Please note that our lawyers, who, in addition to their profession as a lawyer, have seals of a sworn translator, very often help the Polish justice system by supporting the Polish prosecutor’s office, police, law enforcement agencies and Polish courts with specialized translations of legal documents that are part of court records and criminal records as well as civil and commercial matters.

Thanks to such activity for the benefit of the Polish justice system, the lawyers of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI are covered by a special status of protection within the institution of an expert and the reservation of data concerning the place of residence to the sole knowledge of the prosecutor or court, if there is a justified fear of violence or threats against the interpreter or the closest person in connection with his / her activities pursuant to Art. 197 paragraph 2a of the Polish Code of Criminal Procedure.

An additional reason for choosing KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI to entrust our law firm with legal translation is the fact of protection of circulation of the data covered by the translation.

Unfortunately, Polish translation agencies operate on the basis of cooperation with freelancers. This, in turn, means that there are no regulations obliging translation agencies to protect the data covered by the translation. Therefore, it happens that the source document goes to an internal translation exchange in order to select the cheapest translation, which results in a lack of control over the document flow.

Sworn translators associated with KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI operate on the basis of:

Act of November 25, 2004 on the profession of a sworn translator (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1326).