BIAT – Innovation and High Technology Lab – Possibility of cooperation in 50 new IT Projects – Opportunities for Polish software developers

customlogoOn the 2nd – 3rd March 2017 the third edition of the BIAT – Innovation and High Technology Lab will be held in Catania at “Le Ciminiere”. The event is organised by the Italian Trade Agency in collaboration with the Convergence Regional Governments and the town of Catania.

The event is dedicated to biotechnology, ICT and new technologies, which are the sectors of specialization of KG Legal. BIAT aims to promote innovative products and services from Italy by matching suppliers (start-ups, innovative SMEs) and demanding entrepreneurs (large companies, investors).The event will be attended by ICT companies from Convergence Regions (Campania, Calabria, Apulia, Sicily), international large companies, research centres interested in technology transfer and venture capitalists.

The main goal is to foster forms of international cooperation at various levels and the opportunity to matchmaking with other companies interested in running projects from IT sector. You can find list of projects at this link:


The information was prepared by Kamil Trzaskoś of KG Legal Polish Law Firm. KG Legal provides specialised legal assistance to IT, Life Science as well as investment processes in Poland and organises networking between Polish and international companies and research centres.
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KG Legal participates in UK Webminar dedicated to intellectual property law, patents & trademarks

Webinar KG LegalOn November 8th 2016 we had an opportunity and at the same time a huge pleasure to take part in Webminar, which was dedicated to intellectual property law and organized by Eltoma Corporate Service.

Information given by speaker considered subject area of the concept of intellectual property, copyright, patents, Trademarks, industrial design right, geographical indications and trade secrets.


KG LEGAL takes part in Webinar “Affordable composites for Automotive Industry” organised by National Composites Centre UK


On November 15th  KG LEGAL had a great pleasure to take part Webinar “Affordable composites for Automotive”, which has been organised by the by the Department for International Trade based in London. This UK Institution deals with i.e. developing, coordinating and delivering new trade in order to promote UK business, providing operational support  and negotiating free trade agreements. The subject of Webinar was regarding reduction of CO2 emission in respect of composites for automotive.


Voice biometrics is an example of Polish software innovation in Life Science (IT sector in Cracow – Personal data protection)

Globe on tablet computer at office desktop. Media app icons flying around the globe. There is a warm glow behind the globe.

Innovations are a challenge to current legal solutions. For example, voice biometrics technology may cause a problem for the applicable legal provisions in personal data protection. In Poland the area of personal data protection is regulated under Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922)


What is biometrics?

Do you want to take care of something through the hotline of your bank or call centre? Or maybe you already have so much passwords, that you are not able to remember them all? Accounts, passwords, logins, other varied verification processes – taking care of safety becoming time-consuming. But there is a technology, that enables to save your time – it is called voice biometrics.


Software patents – patentability and software protection in the EU and Polish law

photo-1468070454955-c5b6932bd08dSoftware patents – patentability and software protection in the EU and Polish law

The article prepared by KG LEGAL KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI based in Cracow, Poland, specialising in cross border cases, with focus on new technologies, IT and life science, discusses the practice of software patentability, advantages and risks in patenting software, patenting computer-implemented inventions, EU legislation regarding software patenting, patents for IT start-ups, software patent applications, legal protection for IT ideas, software patents as crucial element for successful commercialisation of the product, patents in the context of free software and open-source software (FOSS), patents for trivial inventions, EPO patent procedure, patents for computer programs in such sectors as medical devices, the automotive sector, communication/media technology as well as the issue of novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability of software patent.


See the link to the article in Polish:,Ochrona-patentowa-i-prawnoautorska-software-korzysci-i-zagrozenia-zdolnosci-patentowej-software.html