On Thursday, 27 May 2021 the cryptocurrency and blockchain team of KG LEGAL KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI has participated in “Decentralization and the state-of-art at Digital Identity & Interoperability” webinar organized by Decentralized led by the University of Nicosia, a global leader in blockchain education and research, as well as providers of the world’s first full academic degree in blockchains, the MSc in Digital Currency.


KG LEGAL KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI has participated in the networking event “Connecting Tech Markets Around the World” organized by the ITechLaw Mergers and Acquisition Committee.

Five speakers presented different local tech markets and related legal issues – in particular in regard to international Technology M&A transactions. These input presentations have been followed by a networking section where participants had the opportunity to directly liaise with the speakers, Tech M&A Committee members and other Tech M&A professionals around the world.


The Partners of Kiełtyka Gładkowski KG Legal took part in the webinar Apple iOS 14.5: How big tech is changing the privacy game and what it means for your mobile application in the Nordics

The new standard for IOS

On the 27 May 2021 the partners of Kiełtyka Gładkowski KG Legal took part in the webinar concerning the iOS update that came out on the 26 of April 2021 and its effect on users’ privacy and third-party providers. The speaker was Tom Southern, the Country Offering Manager & Lead Solution Engineer at OneTrust.

While the usage of mobile apps has grown over the pandemic, the focus on privacy has shifted from cookies and websites to mobile apps. The plans to phase out third-party cookies are not a novelty in the industry – even Google has announced its plans to do so [1] – but creating an opt in system for third party data collection across the apps in all countries (App Tracking Transparency – ATT) (no matter the country regulations) is a novelty. It is important, as many app developers use a third party to fully develop their app – for example, they may use a vendor to process the in-app payments. Not many users know what data is being collected by the third party.


KG LEGAL KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI participates in the Advertising & Media Summit

KG LEGAL Kiełtyka Gładkowski TMT team is participating in The Advertising & Media Summit: The Great Consumer Reset. The event will focus on how consumer engagement and experiences evolve in a post-pandemic world. This latest Accelerate event from CDX will bring together leaders from advertising, media and entertainment, brands, technology, academia, and consumer research. Global consumers have had a full year to modify their behaviors, form new or modified habits for shopping, media consumption, and brand engagement.


Legality of AI and machine learning in new generation technologies (2.0) for the manufacturing of gene therapy drugs from the perspective of the EU ATMP regulations.

The use of AI and machine learning solutions in drug manufacturing technologies with the use of machine learning and quantitative, high-throughput in vivo experiments; the EU regulations for advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) and the procedures for placing the most modern drugs on the world market by the European Medicines Agency.

The intensive development of medicine affects the medical regulatory law in the European Union, which should cover more and more new legal problems related to the increasingly common application of advanced solutions of artificial intelligence, machine learning, telemedicine solutions and cyber solutions to the technology of manufacturing medicinal products.

In the current legal status, however, the legality of the use of such state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technologies in pharmaceutical production should be assessed on the basis of the regulations on the assessment of their final effect, i.e. the level of admissibility of placing ready-made alternative therapy products on the market, as well as the legal aspects of commercialization of such technologies.