Non-commercial Clinical Research in Poland

Medical Research Agency

The Medical Research Agency (MRA) is a Polish state agency, which tasks include development of scientific research in the field of medical and health sciences. Its main goal is to build an innovative healthcare system, which will contribute to a better way of meeting society’s needs through assessing which new medical technologies and therapeutic methods should be used.

Currently, the Agency implements one of the first public grant programmes that finances non-commercial clinical trials in Poland. The Agency has planned five calls for proposals for the year 2021 – two which have recently closed, concerning clinical research in rare diseases and creating and further developing Clinical Research Support Centres, and three which details are yet to be announced, concerning clinical research in psychiatry and neurology (second quarter of 2021), development of innovative therapeutic solutions that use the RNA technology (may 2021) and prevention and curing of civilisation diseases (third quarter of 2021).

Clinical Research Development Centre

The development of aforementioned Clinical Research Support Centres is one of the projects of the Clinical Research Development Centre (CRDC). The main goal of CRDC is to initiate and support the activities that aim to remove the barriers in clinical research development in Poland. From its beginnings, The Centre has been analysing and defining the scope and direction of changes to optimise the clinical research market in Poland and supporting the development of said research.


The conference: The health + wealth of America

On 20 – 22 April, 2021 KG Legal founding partners, Małgorzata Kiełtyka and K. Jakub Gładkowski are participating in the Conference The health + wealth of America initiative held.



Meeting of the thematic Bioeconomy group

In relation to the new venture of KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI in the form of iStart-1 accelerator based in Singapore, aimed at financing start-ups from Eastern Europe primarily in the life sciences and new technologies industry

KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI kindly informs that as a member of the LIFE SCIENCE KRAKÓW CLUSTER it has received an invitation to participate in a meeting of the Bioeconomy thematic group, which is aimed at preliminary preparation for the implementation of the SmartLab workshops, including discussing the goals and expectations of participants, cooperation rules and related projects.

The meeting is addressed to everyone interested in the topic of bioeconomy, with particular emphasis on the topic of “industrial symbiosis” and the value chain “biopolymers”.

The series of SmartLab workshops, planned from May 2021, will be implemented in the context of the Regional Innovation Strategy, and its main goal is to develop paths for the development of technologies with high business potential.


Revolution in the fur industry in Poland and in the Polish animal protection laws

“Five for animals “, as the Polish press refers to the newly amended animal protection laws, is still awaiting for the final voting. The poultry industry is demanding amendments and opposing the introduction of a ban on fur farming and a ban on ritual slaughter in Poland. Traders fear the loss of their source of income, already threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic. They explain that the new solutions will result in a loss of financial liquidity and difficulties in paying off loans taken out to build and modernise farms. The sector organisations explain that the Polish poultry industry, which is the main exporter of poultry in the EU, may collapse overnight.


Life sciences specialisation – French language version

Translation into French language made by Julian Morgan, trainee at Kiełtyka Gładkowski KG Legal

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