Patents in biotechnology in the EU and Polish law

Laboratory research in science and medical setting.

The article prepared by KG LEGAL KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI based in Cracow, Poland, specialising in cross border cases, with focus on new technologies, IT and life science, discusses the issue of patents in biotechnology, patentable biotechnological inventions, patent applications procedure before European Patent Organisation, possibility of patenting biotechnological processes, elements of European patent law, patentability of human genes, European Patent Convention, EU biopatent directive, patentability of inventions related to gene sequences, use of human embryos for industrial or commercial purposes.



See the link to the article in Polish:,Patenty-na-wynalazki-biotechnologiczne-w-prawie-europejskim.html


The President of the Polish Patent Office expresses gratitude to Att Jakub Gładkowski, Founding Partner at KG Legal

uprpThe President of the Polish Patent Office expresses gratitude to Att Jakub Gładkowski, Founding Partner at KG Legal, specialising in IT and new technologies, for his active participation in the part of the programme „Intellectual Property in pharmaceutical-medical sector”, organised by the Polish Patent Office jointly with the Wold Intellectual Property Organisation (WPO).

See below the letter from the Polish Patent Office addressed with a dedication to Attorney Jakub Gładkowski:

“Patent Office The Republic of Poland
President Alicja Adamczak
Warsaw, 8th of September 2016
Mr.  Jakub Gładkowski KG LEGAL, Dear Sirs, (…)


One year of KG Legal membership in Krakow’s LifeScience Cluster

klaster-life-sciences-krakowOn 7 July 2016 Attorney Małgorzata Kiełtyka and attorney Kazimierz Jakub Gładkowski took part in the Programme Council of the Krakow’s Foundation LifeScience Cluster. KG Legal, having the status of “silver membership” in the Cluster took part in the vote on the new Programme Council of the Cluster, which includes, among others, academic staff and managers of the best Polish medical universities, R&D entities as well as the leading Polish medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.