BioLawEurope F.m.b.A. Cracow 2016 – the General Meeting of the International Law Life Science Organisation finished!

BioLawEurope F.m.b.A. Kraków 2016On 13th May 2016 in Bonerowski Palace***** Hotel near the Main Square in Cracow took place annual General Meeting of the International Law Life Science Organisation BioLawEurope F.m.b.A. The Board of the Association entrusted polish Law Firm KG LEGAL, which has its seat in Cracow with organising this event.

On the Meeting there have been present representatives of member states’ Law Firms from jurisdiction of European Union and EFTA.

Annual Member Meeting indicated the directions of Organisation’s activity for the next year, which will be summarized in 2016 in Paris.

This year’s agenda finished with taking official “family photo” of all of the Organisation’s members made by Photography Studio,

On the photo from left side :

  1. Mrs. Attorney Anke Heezius – the Netherlands: Life Science Legal Advocaten Law Firm,;
  2. Mr. Attorney Denis Schertenleib (attorney – France, solicitor – UK; physicist, doctor of molecular biology) – France: Cabinet Schertenleib Law Firm,;
  3. Mrs. Attorney Linda Longo, Italy: Biolato Longo Ridola & Mori Law Firm,;
  4. Mrs. Attorney Małgorzata Kiełtyka (attorney, certified translator of English language) – Poland: KG Legal Law Firm,;
  5. Mr. Attorney Ombeline Degreze-Pechade – France: Cabinet Schertenleib Law Firm,;
  6. Mr. Attorney Jan Bjerrum Bach (Member of the Board – Director BioLawEurope) – Denmark: Jusmedico Advokatanpartsselskab Law Firm,;
  7. Mrs. Attorney Margot Subirats (attorney – Spain; pharmacist) – Spain : Subirats Advocats Law Firm,;
  8. Mr. Attorney Mark Anderson (the Chairman of the Board – Director BioLawEurope) – England: Anderson Law Law Firm,,
  9. Mr. Attorney Jakub Gładkowski (attorney, auditor of the Board BioLawEurope) – Poland : KG Legal Law Firm,;
  10. Mrs. Attorney Sonja Hebenstreit (doctor of law) – Austria: Herbst Kinsky Rechtsanwälte Law Firm,;
  11. Mr. Attorney Fredrik Astrup Borch (attorney – Norway) – Norway: Langseth Advokatfirma DA Law Firm,;
  12. Mrs. Attorney Theresa Comiskey Olsen (attorney – United States of the North America) – Norway: Langseth Advokatfirma DA Law Firm,;
  13. Mr. Attorney Christian Dierks (german professor of law, doctor Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, attorney, doctor, author) – Germany: Dierks + Boehle Rechtsanwälte Law Firm,;
  14. Mr. Attorney Manuel Blättler (attorney,economist) – Switzerland: Vischer Law Firm,;

Absent members of the Organisation on the General Meeting BioLawEurope in Cracow:

  1. Sweden: Magnusson Law Firm, – Mrs. Attorney Charlotte Bus;
  2. Belgium: Van Innis & Delarue Law Firm, – Mr. Attorney Dieter Delarue


BioLawEurope F.m.b.A. Kraków 2016