Kiełtyka Gładkowski KG Legal takes part in the Life Science Open Space 2019 (26 November 2019)

The LIFE SCIENCE OPEN SPACE 2019 Forum scheduled for 26 November 2019 is an industry event addressed to specialists, enthusiasts and activists working in the broadly understood field of biotechnology and health. Its organizer is the Klaster LifeScience Kraków Foundation.


Life sciences specialisation – Finnish language version

Translation into Finnish language made by Daniella Gallos, trainee at Kiełtyka Gładkowski KG Legal

Lääketieteeseen, biotieteeseen ja terveydenhuoltoon liittyvä oikeusPharmaceutical, Life Sciences & Health Care Law
Ketkä ovat asiakkaitamme?
Puolalaisena asianajotoimistona tarjoamme asiantuntemusta bioteknologiayrityksille, lääketieteellisille yrityksille, apteekeille, lääkevalmistajille sekä bio-it yrityksille, sairaaloille, laboratorioille ja tutkimus- ja tuotekehitys yksiköille Puolassa.
Who are our Clients?
As a Polish law firm, we provide specialist expertise required by biotech companies, medtech entities, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, producers of medicinal products and pharmaceuticals, bio-it companies, hospitals, laboratories, r&d departments, telemedicine companies and distributors in the Polish market


Kiełtyka Gładkowski KG Legal will participate in the meeting of the Polish Ministry of Enterprise and Technology with the National Key Life Science Cluster in Krakow.

On July 11, 2019, the representatives of the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology will visit the headquarters of the National Key Life Science Cluster in Krakow. The meeting will aim to present the activities of the Life Science Cluster. The program of the visit includes acquainting Cluster Members (including the representatives of KIEŁTYKA GŁADKOWSKI KG LEGAL) with the representatives of the Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology based in Warsaw (this is one of the 19 Polish government departments).


KG Legal Kiełtyka Gładkowski takes part in launching the Centre for New Computational Methods in Personalised Medicine – In Silico Institute. Digital patient (digital twin)

In Krakow there will be launched the Centre for New Computational Methods in Personalized Medicine – a new unit of implementation research, in which innovative methods of medical and personalized diagnostics will be developed, using advanced technologies, models and computer simulations for this purpose.


Małgorzata Kiełtyka – “leading individual” according to the Legal 500 EMEA 2019

Małgorzata Kiełtyka, Attorney, Founding Partner of KG Legal Kiełtyka Gładkowski indicated by the Legal 500 EMEA 2019 among the leading individuals in healthcare & life sciences sector.

Link to the official Legal 500 website: