KG LEGAL at the Investor and Exporter Service Forum 2023 – update and photo report

Publication date: November 23, 2023

Krakow Technology Park

As we informed on our blog in the publication of November 20, 2023, our lawyers took an active part in the Investor and Exporter Service conference organized on November 17, 2023 by one of the largest economic zones in Poland, which is managed by a public agency called Krakowski Park Technology. Two lawyers were present on behalf of our law firm: colleague Martyna Sikora and colleague Krzysztof Wilk, lawyers from our local office in Krakow. Link to the article below:

Below we present detailed information about the Conference and a photo report.

The event began with a lecture entitled “The labor market and the growth of the economy. Challenges for companies due to the demographic situation and responses to these challenges”. The lecture provided information on the current structure of the employee market and presented a vision of the upcoming changes that will affect both entrepreneurs and employees in the light of current trends in the economy.

Current demographic conditions and the forecast for the next several months indicate an increase in demand for employees, who, as shown, will be in short supply due to the reduced birth rate. In addition, the issue of growing pressure on employers was raised, especially in the context of increasing wages in the exporting sector, which will strive to equalize employee rates compared to countries neighboring Poland, in particular Germany. Such equalization may never occur or in the very distant future, but real wages in Poland will continue to increase.

Then there was a panel discussion titled “Export support system. Is it just capacity building and safe development? Is it also a way to attract investment?” during which it was possible to listen to a group of specialists in the field of banking, regional development, as well as company owners operating in Małopolska, who shared their knowledge about advisory and financial instruments supporting expansion into foreign markets and contributing to increasing profits and benefits from international operations commercial. The panel participants also emphasized the difficulties associated with the expansion of companies in terms of exports to foreign countries, i.e. searching for new sales markets in the light of the changes taking place and the limited possibilities of exporting to eastern countries neighboring Poland. Among the new export directions, the extremely attractive markets of Asian countries were indicated. It was also discussed how to deal with these difficulties using available financial instruments offered by the state and regional centers supporting the development of enterprises.

The last point was an expert presentation entitled: “Tax exemptions, grants, reliefs – what an entrepreneur can count on in 2024”. During the panel, information was presented on subsidies, reliefs and exemptions for entrepreneurs in the coming year as well as opportunities to obtain grants for various types of projects.

Polish Investment Zone

Among the aid mentioned, attention was paid to the instruments offered in the Polish Investment Zone program, both in a competitive and continuous mode, thanks to which interested parties can count on tax relief (reliefs for robotization, relief for a prototype, relief for employee innovation), but special attention was paid to support investment projects – which provide for increasing the production capacity of an existing plant (or a newly established one) or in the field of European Funds increasing energy efficiency and support for environmental protection projects.