XIV Conference on Medical Robots

XIV Conference on Medical Robots

On 9th and 10th December 2016 KG Legal law firm participated in the conference devoted to medical robots. The conference was held in Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze and was co-organized with International Society for Medical Robotics.

The location was not accidental, since Zabrze supports innovations and telemedicine. At the beginning prof. Marian Zembala spoke on how important is a good cooperation between engineers and doctors and compared it to marriage. He noticed that student’s fresh angle can be very helpful for doctors.

Then, Zbigniew Nawrat presented medical robots. First of all, he spoke that robots were the solution of the problem with lack of people to work. Nowadays the medical robotics market develops and the example of it is the cooperation between Google’s Verily and Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon.

The next speakers were from Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest and they presented sensory implants that are useful in neurology. These sensors will be using in TeleRobin Heart by means of which it will be possible to carry out remote surgery. First trials were conducted in mine in Zabrze. The important thing is that the costs of developing TeleRobin Heart were smaller than buying da Vinci’s robot. The Foundation holds several dozen of patents and patent applications.

Finally, Grzegorz Religa spoke about clinical use of Robin Heart PortVisionAble. He noticed that, now, during endoscopy surgery assistant have to hold the camera. Robin Heart PortVisionAble will replace the assistant and, moreover, surgeon will be able to adjust the camera exactly as he wants. Then, prof. Józef Dzielicki commented the surgery with the use of Robin Heart PVA.

Operation of medical robots was presented during the conference.

We publish photos from conference below.