Trade related panel at the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. having the function of contact point for the European Union.

Publication date: May 31, 2024

Kiełtyka Gładkowski KG LEGAL’s lawyers took part in a discussion panel organized by the first consul of the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C., whose tasks include the coordination of Italian diplomatic missions throughout the USA. The Italian embassy is a diplomatic mission that is also a contact platform with European Union institutions.

The meeting at the Italian Embassy was the occasion for a practical Q&A session related to options and opportunities for investments in Italy, particularly from the perspective of cross border business with international shareholding.

There were discussed options of investments in:

– real property;

– automotives,

– machinery,

– life sciences;

– microelectronics and semiconductors. It was stressed that Italy is highly committed to strengthen and reaffirm its strategic role as a prominent European hub for microelectronics and semiconductors technologies. The European Union Chips Act is mobilising a significant amount of resources to increase chip research, production capacity and international cooperation. Italy stands at the forefront of shaping the future European microelectronics industry, thanks to its large industrial and innovation ecosystem. In 2022, Italy launched the Chips Fund, a multibillion-euro national fund aimed at supporting industrial and research activities in the semiconductor sector.

Additionally it was indicated that Italy has a well-developed transportation infrastructure that includes an extensive network of highways and railways. At the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy plays a strategic role in the TEN-T Core Network: 4 of the 9 Corridors that are essential for increasing links between European markets pass through Italy – the Baltic-Adriatic, the Scandinavia-Mediterranean, the Rhine-Alpine, and the Mediterranean. The 4 European Corridors meet in Italy to connect:

121 industrial clusters of the second manufacturing economy in Europe

62 ports

24 freight terminals

39 airports (including 3 international hub: Rome, Milan and Venice)

90 billion euros of total market value (transport and logistics sectors), with high level of innovation and efficiency ensured by international players investing heavily in technology and automation to stay ahead of the competition

46 million of sq.m. already developed for real estate in support of logistics operations, with a turnover of 6 billion euros/year in 2022

Italy was also named as the perfect platform for Aerospace. Italy has a rich tradition in the aerospace industry. It boasts a thriving aerospace ecosystem that combines cutting-edge technology with a deep-rooted passion for exploration and discovery. Italy ranks third in the EU for the number of companies and employees. What sets Italy apart is its comprehensive aerospace value chain, encompassing design services, aircraft systems, engine production, component manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and support services.

Additionally, Italy is fast moving towards a green energy transition driven by a clear government commitment on energy and climate, high availability of renewable energy sources, and a strategic geographical position. 

The national strategy focuses on increasing the production and consumption of energy from RES (renewable energy sources), as well as of hydrogen, strengthening its supply chains of technologies and components, decarbonising hard-to-abate industries, and moving towards a more sustainable mobility.

Italy is a renowned world leader in the Agri-Food Industry, distinguished by its long-standing food-based culture and traditional vocation for food safety and quality.

Italy is 1ˢᵗ among main EU economies by waste recycling rate

The Italian recycling rate of all waste excluding major mineral waste is the highest among the 5 main European economies (72%) and above the EU27 average (58%). Also, Italy stands out within the EU landscape with an overall recycling rate of 83.2%.

That all was an indicator for the participants of the opportunities and incentives for international clients to consider Italy as the place of investments.