Polish Patent Office Symposium – the Passio Group

Radosław Ratajczak and Emil Klucz

After the keynotes speeches, including a welcome speech of Alicja Adamczak, President of Polish Patent Office, Polish lawyer and patent attorney, representatives of the Passio Group – Emil Klucz and Radosław Ratajczak presented the group’s activities in the part of symposium entitled Startup and what’s next? The main sectors where the industry operates are metrology electronics, medical devices, farm technology, aviation, medicine and nanotechnology.

In their opinion, the start-ups think differently because they are not contaminated by the opinions of others. Their activity is, to a large extent, to teach start-ups how to think, to focus on hard work and to finance them.
In their speech, they stressed that it was difficult to convince a global entrepreneur to take the first step. In addition, they identified the stages of development: – the following
Stage 0 – deep thinking about the future.
Stage 1 – design thinking.
Step 2 – product preparation.
Step 3 – production preparation.