The lawyers of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI were present at the ABA International Law Section’s Annual Conference Closing Dinner at the National Press Club!

Publication date: May 28, 2024

The National Press Club is a professional organization and social community in Washington, D.C. for journalists and communications professionals. It hosts public and private gatherings with invited speakers from public life.

The club has been visited by most U.S. presidents; since Warren Harding, many have also been members and spoken from the club’s podium.

Others who have appeared at the club include monarchs, prime ministers, premiers, members of Congress, Cabinet officials, ambassadors, scholars, entertainers, business leaders, and athletes. The club’s emblem is the owl, in deference to wisdom, awareness and nights spent working.

The event was accompanied by special performance of the US national anthem by one of the organizers of the Annual Conference ILS ABA in Washington D.C. and the event was opened by the Chair-Elect of the American Bar Association International Law Section, Ms. Yee Wah Chin.