The Annual General Meeting of the BioLawEurope association, whose members are partners of the KG LEGAL law firm and whose attorney K. Jakub Gladkowski is the auditor, will be held on June 30, 2021.

The Annual General Meeting will be held online, during which decisions will be made, among others, on the expanding cross-border cooperation and new opportunities to increase law firm legal services as part of participation in life science organizations of the association.

BioLawEurope F.m.b.A comprises a network of independent law firms, i.e. a collective number of licensed attorneys operating nationally under a common trademark or name, but not necessarily in the form of a corporation, and individual attorneys registered and licensed in one or more European jurisdictions and specialized in the rendering of legal services to commercial as well as non-profit based natural and legal persons, including universities and organizations operating, investing in and/or servicing biotech, pharma, food supplement, medical device and/or dentistry industry related.

BioLawEurope is registered in Denmark by the Danish Business Authority under CVR No. DK 3630 6092, as a limited liability association.

The Members of the Alliance are dedicated to rendering high quality personalized tailor-made legal services to clients within the European Economic Area and Switzerland, giving their clients the opportunity to have specialist advice rendered in and for one or more of these jurisdictions.

BioLaw Europe aims to create a platform for professional marketing, collaboration, education, training and communication for the entities related to broadly understood life science sector.

Lawyers from several European law firms will participate in the meeting (alphabetical list):

Anderson Law (Mark Anderson),

Biolato Longo Ridola & Mori (Linda Longo),

Cabinet Schertenleib (Denis Schertenleib and Ombeline Degrèze-Péchade),

Cirio Advokatbyrå (Odd Swarting),

Dierks+Company Rechtsanwälte (Christian Dierks),

Herbst Kinsky Rechtsanwalte (Sonja Hebenstreit and Christoph Wildmoser),

Jusmedico Advokatanpartsselskab (Jan Bjerrum Bach and Martin Binzer Lind),

Kastner & Pieš (Igor Pieš),

KG Legal Kiełtyka Gładkowski (Malgorzata Kieltyka and K. Jakub Gładkowski),

Life Sciences Legal Advocaten (Anke Heezius),

Nova Advokatfirmaet (Theresa Comiskey Olsen),

Subirats Advocats (Margot Subirats),

Quinz (Olivier VanObberghen and Pieter Wyckmans),

Vischer (Stefan Kohler).