One year of KG Legal membership in Krakow’s LifeScience Cluster

klaster-life-sciences-krakowOn 7 July 2016 Attorney Małgorzata Kiełtyka and attorney Kazimierz Jakub Gładkowski took part in the Programme Council of the Krakow’s Foundation LifeScience Cluster. KG Legal, having the status of “silver membership” in the Cluster took part in the vote on the new Programme Council of the Cluster, which includes, among others, academic staff and managers of the best Polish medical universities, R&D entities as well as the leading Polish medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

LifeScience Cluster in Krakow is Poland’s largest organization of the medical industry, biotechnology and life science sector, whose current priority is to obtain the status of the key Polish cluster. Moreover, the Cluster will pursue two major international projects, including operation in the framework of the prestigious program COST. In this way, the Cluster has become one of the main partners in the project devoted to combating infections in hospitals with the use of the innovative methods of preventing infections. The purpose of the Cluster is to stimulate networking of scientists, and the main goal in this regard is to make greater chances of effectively receiving grants by the Cluster members within Horizon 2020. LifeScience Cluster also works actively within the framework of the world’s leading biotechnology congress – EUROBIOTECH 2017. In turn, the second key international programme for the Cluster is BALTIC Fracture Competence Center (INTERREG BSR), the subject of which is the creation of an international register of fractures and treatment of fractures.

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