New article in the weekly magazine Do rzeczy about the court case handled by the law firm KG Legal Kiełtyka Gładkowski

The article describes in details the cross-border case of parental abduction handled by KG Legal Kiełtyka Gładkowski. It also includes an expert comment made by the founding partner, Jakub Gładkowski: “As a rule, under the Hague Convention, the court should order the return of the child to the country from which he or she came, in order to restore the original state from before the departure, so that the competent court of the country from which the child left, could settle all the parental matters regarding the family in its competent jurisdiction. However, there are two exceptions to this rule according to art. 13 of the Hague Convention, namely the case when the remaining parent did not exercise parental authority over the abducted child or when the child return would pose a grave risk for the child (mental or physical) or would otherwise place the child in an unbearable situation”.