publication date: November 29, 2022

Our lawyers will take part in a series of roundtables devoted to Energy Efficient Networks organized by TechUK, involving focus on energy efficiency and innovations in the telecoms networks. 

Addressing both the long-term ambition of a Net Zero economy, and shorter-term challenge of unprecedented energy costs, techUK will bring together companies from across the entire telecoms value chain – operators, vendors, service providers and manufacturers – to share valuable knowledge on improving energy efficiency, the materials and techniques set to make an impact, and the technologies and software offering a way forward. 

There will be five roundtables in the series:

Wednesday 7 December 2022: Series kick-off and scene setting

Wednesday 18 January 2023: Technology Exploration 1

Wednesday 1 February 2023: Technology Exploration 2

Wednesday 15 February 2023: Technology Exploration 3 

Wednesday 8 March 2023: Summary and next steps

The first roundtable event will kick-off the series with scene-setting and context for why the need for improving the energy efficiency of networks is increasing, as well as scoping out the current landscape. The kick-off meeting will identify the breadth of technologies applicable to network energy efficiency. These technologies will be explored in more detail during a series of ‘deep dives’ in roundtables 2, 3 and 4, discussing market capabilities, market potential and priorities for future investment.

The roundtable series is part of a wider research project by five Catapults: Connected Places; Digital; Energy Systems; Satellite Applications and led by the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult, which is examining the technologies and materials set to have an impact on network energy consumption.

There will subsequently follow the series of ‘deep dive’ roundtables to explore in more detail key topics related to network energy efficiency. The following topics will be discussed:

– Self-powering infrastructure: focus on the use of renewable-energy generation at masts and other sites;

– Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and energy reduction: the use of software in order to manage network energy needs;  

Photonics and optical communications – more energy efficient photonics;

– Semiconductors, materials, and manufacture: This would focus on how compound semiconductors and efficiencies in the manufacture of physical infrastructure can increase energy efficiency; 

RAN, RF and microwave communications: How the RAN itself, not just its components, power source or network management, can become more efficient – there will also be explored the potential of open and disaggregated networks in reducing energy consumption; 

– Energy efficient cooling: Exploring new and innovative cooling methods that aid a reduction in energy use in high-demand/high-resilience environments, such as data centres;

– Metamaterials and intelligent reflected surfaces: the role of passive and active surfaces for beam forming and directional tracking to improve network efficiency.

The series of roundtables will contribute to a better tailored made legal services for our international Clients, operating in green energy and net zero companies sector.

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