On 5-6 April 2022 KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI participates in Spectral Sessions organized by L3Harris Geospatial. Spectral Sessions is a virtual thought leadership event focused around the trends, benefits and applications of spectral data and analysis. Some of the topics discussed will be:

  • The Future of Space-Based Data Analysis
  • Moving Beyond the Light Table: Improving Image Exploitation Tradecraft
  • Monitoring Methane Point Sources with Commercial and Civil Satellite Imagery Data
  • New Spectral Technology and Missions
  • Earth, Wind and Fire: Environmental and Climate-Related Applications for Spectral Data
  • Widening the Spectral Processing Aperture with ENVI and Open Source Tools

Data fusion is the idea of seamlessly combining different sources of data to provide additional information about an area of interest. This can include data from multiple resolutions of the same modality, or even data from disparate modalities.

The remote sensing field is evolving and expanding at a rapid pace. While we frequently hear about new remote sensing techniques and methodologies, they are challenging to apply without direct access to the tools for which they were originally designed. The speakers will demonstrate how to bring those bleeding-edge tools into ENVI, making it easy to access the latest algorithms and techniques and apply them using a familiar interface.

Some of the speakers involved are as follows:

Dr. James Goodman, Founder & President/CEO (HySpeed Computing)

James Lewis (L3Harris Geospatial)

Augustus Wright (US Army GEOINT Battalion)

Dr. Daniel Yeager Imagery Scientist (Department of Defense)

Dr. Lori Wickert (Descartes Labs)

Dr. Kerry Cawse-Nicholson (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Dr. Francesco Longo (Italian Space Agency / ASI)

Godela Rossner (German Aerospace Center – DLR)

Krista West (Solis Applied Science)

Amy DeCastro (National Center for Atmospheric Research)

Dr. Tao Liu (ASPRS)

Austin Coates (L3Harris Geospatial)