KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI participated in “Energy Efficient Networks – Roundtable 1” organized by techUK

publication date: December 7, 2022

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI was pleased to participate in the first event of the series ‘Energy Efficient Networks’ taking place on December 7, 2022 organised by Tech-UK & Capapult CSA.

This was first of five roundtables devoted to energy efficient networks.

Co-Chair Dr Andy G Sellars introduced relevant questions to identify priorities for future research and innovation, mostly in respect of technologies and architectures that will affect energy requirements of future telecom networks.

Dr. Micheal Short of UK Department for International Trade Chief Scientific Adviser discussed the questions of considerable increase of consumption of mobile networks power and options of reduction of energy consumption. The most important options are:

  • Cost controls and resilience
  • Reduce Carbon emissions by renewables and energy efficiency
  • Optimizing carbon footprint
  • Development of 5G Radio Development
  • Advanced battery systems.

There were discussed signal modulation schemes with relevant aim of energy efficacy. Next example was the use of AI for network and component management. There was presented a very interesting comment of connecting with network design – use of broadcast technologies (eMBMS/5G Broadcast) and ORAN (Open Radio Access Network). The significance of Conformance and Compliance of energy consumption have also been discussed. There were raised issues of interactions and cooperations with energy sector and other sectors.

The event was also participated by the inventor of Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) Harald Haas who discussed the advantages this technology. In the segment of RF & microwave the participants mentioned also filters and jamming, antennas and other radio engineering.

The substantive input from the participants will contribute to a better translation of the technology into legal issues that the lawyers of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI face within the area of green energy and energy transformation.