KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG Legal took part in the PrivSec Global event

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG Legal attended the PrivSec Global event. PrivSec Global brings together leading experts from around the globe, for a 2-day livestream experience that ensures attendees have access to the latest information, guidance and advice on data protection, privacy and security. Partners of the event were: The Wall Street Journal, Barrons Group and OneTrust. The subject matter of the event is particularly relevant to the KG Legal’s specialization. Topics covered at the event included: PrivSec RegTech, Enterprise Risk Management, The Future of Data Protection and Privacy Law, Digital Identity, Trust and Transparency, Privacy and Security in AI Systems, PrivSec Business Continuity, The Future of Digital Advertising, Data and Security in Emerging Technologies, Securing your Supply Chain, The Global Cyber-Pandemic.

The speakers were: Willem Balfoort, Niall Marley, Jo Blazey, Alasdair Macdonald, Isabelle De Pauw, Dudley Kneller, Pierre Faller, Agnidipta Sarkar, Amit Tenglikar, Ties Beekhuis, Scott Bridgen, Merilyne Davies, Sanna Toropainen, Adrian Leung, Linda Thielová, Yunique Demann, Denis Fischbacher-Smith, Des Ward, Rich Manu, to name but few.