Publication date: January 29, 2024

On January 15, 2024, there was held a conference of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, devoted to the development of cities as a key area of business cooperation and a synergy platform for the reconstruction of Ukraine. It took place at the Krakow City Hall. KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL was represented at the conference by Weronika Mazurek. The event gathered representatives of Polish and Ukrainian business, experts and investors who passionately discussed the prospects for developing cooperation between the two countries.

The focus was on the role of cities as central places for business development. The panelists discussed the importance of urban infrastructure, modern technologies and intelligent solutions in city management. Together, they discussed how innovations can contribute to increasing the competitiveness of cities and their attractiveness to investors. An important element of the discussion was the idea of sustainable urban development, taking into account ecological and social aspects. Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in this area can be a model for other regions, contributing to the creation of more friendly urban spaces for residents and businesses. The conference focused on the reconstruction of Ukraine, using the synergy between the Polish and Ukrainian economic sectors. Many panels focused on the practical aspects of cooperation between companies, identifying areas where both parties can benefit and build strategic partnerships. Financial aspects of reconstruction support were also analysed, including the possibility of foreign investments and aid programs. In the context of reconstruction efforts, the role of the private sector in creating lasting and sustainable solutions was also highlighted, while supporting the development of the local community.

In the first block, the panelists talked about humanitarian aid from Małopolska and how much impact it had on the situation in Ukraine. Experts shared with the audience their knowledge about entrepreneurship in this country and how integration points help the Ukrainian population. The topic of the Center for the Integration of Foreigners was discussed. The Consul of Ukraine introduced the features of this institution and discussed the topic of professional activation of Ukrainians. Courses and training have been launched in Małopolska, especially Polish language courses for foreigners. In addition, a question was asked how international relations have changed over the last 2 years. The war in Ukraine changed the business conditions of many Polish companies. Export and import activities so far have proven to be impossible or complicated. Some investments were suspended and customers began to leave. The panelists talked about including Ukrainian projects in international programmes.

In the second block, there was discussed the cooperation of the Chamber in Krakow with the Chamber in Lviv. During the conference, the importance of creating a favorable investment climate was emphasized. In this context, the participants discussed eliminating bureaucratic barriers, standardizing procedures and promoting entrepreneurship and innovations. Business representatives emphasized the importance of political stability and regulatory predictability for long-term investments.

In the last, third block, the participants introduced the concepts of twin cities to the listeners. Twin cities are two towns, usually located in different countries, that have established official partnership relations, and the aim of such an agreement is to build strong cultural, economic, educational and social ties between the two cities. Partnerships between cities can cover a wide range of activities, from cultural and educational exchanges to economic and environmental cooperation. During the conference, the importance of creating a favorable investment climate was emphasized. In addition, differences in relations with Ukraine during the war with Russia were presented. The conference of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce brought inspiring discussions and proposals that may become the foundation for the development of business cooperation between Poland and Ukraine. The city, as a space for business, has been recognized as a key area of synergy that can contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine. Working together on modern solutions, sustainable development and creating a favorable investment climate is a solid basis for further cooperation between both countries. An open forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences between representatives of both countries has certainly contributed to creating solid foundations for long-term, mutually beneficial business cooperation.