KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL takes part in the Global DeFi Summit 2021

On June 24 – June 26, 2021 KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL is taking part in the Global DeFi Summit devoted to decentralized finance and the future of financial markets.

Produced by Blockchain Venture Studio Draper Goren Holm, the Global DeFi Summit is 2021’s leading annual gathering of DeFiers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

The event is gathering an unparalleled group of DeFi innovators and change-makers to share their stories about how they are defining the next era of global finance.

Some of the topics discussed will be: the current state of DeFi; the rise of Dubai as the global hub of DeFi; the evolving landscape of venture capital in decentralized finance; how DeFi micro-loans will empower 3rd world countries; the current state of DeFi on Tezos Blockchain.

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL has extensive experience in advising within the sector of decentralised finance, smart contracts, blockchains, DApps, flash loans, and all aspects of transactions.

2021 Global DeFi Summit speakers include:

Alon Goren, Founding Partner of Draper Goren Holm

Josef Holm, Founding Partner of Draper Goren Holm

Joe Vezzani, CEO of LunarCRUSH

Jon Farjo, Chief Product Officer of LunarCRUSH

Karen Hsu, CEO, Appdome

Frederic Rough, CEO, Coinsquad

Maggie Love, Founder, SheFi

Ralf Gerteis, Co-Founder & CEO, Scaleswap

Austin Roberts, Co-Founder & CEO, Rivet

David Bleznak, Founder and CEO, Totle

Ogle BSC Gemz, Founder, BSC Gemz

Ben Lakoff, Co-Founder, Charged Particles

Kevin Mehrabi, Founder, Tezos DeFi

Jesse Johnson, Co-Founder, Aavegotchi

Santiago Roel, General Partner, ParaFi Capital

Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner, Blockchain Founders Fund

Camila Russo, Founder, The Defiant

Min Teo, Managing Investments Partner, ConsenSys Mesh

Loong Wang, CTO and Co-founder, Ren

Aya Kantorovich, Strategy and Operations, FalconX

Ash Bennington, Senior Editor & Crypto Editor, Real Vision

Kevin Owocki, CEO / Chief Roboticist, Gitcoin

Bette Chen, Co-Founder, Acala Network

Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder, Chainlink

Ting Peng, Blockchain Journalist & Corporate Communication Specialist, Cointelegraph China

Robert Lauko, Founder & CEO, Liquity

Anna Stone, Commercial Lead & Strategic Advisor, Good Dollar

Michael Anderson, Co-Founder and Partner, Framework Ventures

Emin Gün Sirer, Founder and CEO, Ava Labs

J.D. Salbego, Founder & CEO, AnRKey X

Alon Muroch, CEO, BloxStaking

Hilmar Orth, Founder, Gelato Network

Joris Delanoue, COO & Co-Founder, Fairmint

Stani Kulechov, Founder and CEO, Aave

Ralf Gerteis, Co-Founder & CEO, Scaleswap

Bernd Oostrum, Co-Founder, Plenty DeFi

Alex Davis, Chief Innovation Officer, Tezos Israel

Jack O’Holleran, CEO and co-Founder, SKALE Labs

Barney Mannerings, Founder, Vega Protocol

Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner, Dragonfly Capital

James Wallis, Ripple

Henrik Andersson, dHEDGE

Zach Burks, Mintable

Jessica Walker, Master of Ceremonies

Benton Yaun, Cointelegraph

Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, Cointelegraph

Scoopy Trooples, Alchemix

Aleks Larsen, Blockchain Capital

Ranica Arrowsmith, Accounting Today

Masha Prusakova, Crypto PR Lab

Aaron Segal, Bitcoin Magazine

Edan Yago, Sovryn

Tom Shaughnessy, Delphi Digital

Alex Wearn, IDEX

Kendall Cole, NEAR Protocol

Leila Stein, BeInCrypto

Dante Disparte, Circle

Greg Lang, Rivet

Vance Spencer, Framework Ventures

David Hoffman, Bankless

James Presswitch, Celo

Mary Ma, Rangers Protocol

Tim Draper, Draper Goren Holm

Keefer Taylor, Tessellated Geometry

Gee Chuang, Principal Product Manager, Circle

Alexander Fazel, Chief Partnership Officer & Host • SwissBorg & Cryptonites.TV

Greg Osuri, Founder, CEO • Akash Network