KG Legal Partners invited to Polish – American Conference on Legal aspects of Start Ups in Poland and US

KG Legal Partners invited to Polish – American Conference on Legal aspects of Start Ups in Poland and US

Please see the full text of the invitation below:

December 2, 2016 (Friday), 5 PM
Representative Halls, Larisch Palace
Bracka 12, Krakow

American Law Program
International Business and Trade Law Program

Alumni Meeting & Conference

When Innovation Meets Law.
Legal aspects of startups in Poland and United States.

Conference topic

Poland is witnessing a boom of startups. It results from the potential brought by innovative entrepreneurship, commercialization of knowledge and shift in public policy in that respect. This situation is not only beneficial for different sectors of economy but also brings new challenges for the legal branch. With the growing competition (and crisis) on legal markets both in Poland and US, startup phenomenon opens new possibilities for upcoming lawyers. The conference aims to discuss how law experts should combine their knowledge with other skills in order to be more adapted to the market of startup legal services, and how comparative legal perspective may be helpful in their legal careers in Poland, US or elsewhere.

Alumni meeting & network

Are you aware that the CUA International Business and Trade Law Program and American Law Program have over a 1,000 graduates and you are one of them? For over the last 24 years, Professors Leah Wortham, Rett Ludwikowski, the CUA and JU teams have created a community of people that share their US and Polish legal experiences. Our colleagues are professors, judges, public prosecutors, partners in law firms, politicians, business leaders, and many others. Some of us are still students of law or just graduates needing some professional guidance, either in Poland or in the US.

We would like to establish an alumni network because we believe it would be a good idea for all of us to get together, expand our network and contacts, reminisce, and catch up with old friends. In our professional life, we have to reach and interact with clients beyond our borders and the advantages of knowing locals or being able to count on the help of a local colleague makes a significant difference. It is easier to get a response from someone when looking for a job, advice, a reference, or even in general if you are able to connect with the people you are contacting. Moreover, staying connected not only promotes collegiality, but also reminds us of the reasons why we even applied to the CUA program in the first place: to expand our contacts beyond our borders, to study law in a different setting, and to experience a different culture, among other reasons. That is why we would like to provide a forum for gathering the professional and personal accomplishments of all program alumni, which we believe will also serve to make the program more prestigious for both former and future participants. This alumni network will allow us to share with others how participation in this program has assisted our career development and would help others learn from our experience.

We would like to invite you to Cracow in December 2, 2016 for the conference as well for reunion. You may also join the Cracow Alumni Group on LinkedIn – or follow us on Facebook

See you in Cracow and beyond!