KG Legal participated in the workshop on „Strategy of start-up development” during the Polish Patent Office’s Symposium

One of the workshops organized within the framework of the event organized by the Polish Patent Office in Cracow on the subject “Start-ups and what’s next?” was a workshop devoted to the topic of start-up development strategy.

The workshop participants were:

  • Jacek Aleksandrowicz from Academic Enterprise Incubators
  • Dr. Robert Dwiliński from Cent Warsaw University
  • Maciej Sadkowski from StartupHub Poland
  • Sebastian Kolisz from Business Link Poland

The workshop was open to people who represented many different subjects and scientific disciplines. First of all, they were entrepreneurs – both start-up and corporate representatives, employees of state-owned companies, Polish lawyers, representatives of organizations helping start-ups.

Workshops were divided into two parts.

The first part was led by Sebastian Kolisz, who introduced participants to the process of setting up a start-up and its maturation, so he discussed the kind of way the start-up must go through to succeed. First and foremost, he discussed the Blue Ocean strategy, which assumes that existing businesses in the market will be able to create a free and undeveloped market space. The advantage of this approach is the lack of competition, so that start-ups will be able to make the most of their innovation.

After the speech of Mr Kolisz, at the initiative of Mr dr Dwiliński initiated the exercise, which was a case study. The problem analyzed was company Phenicoptere responsible for launching on the market the make up remover Glov. Participants discussed the market entry of the aforementioned start-up and the route they took to reach the point where they are now (a profit of PLN 30 million over a 3-year period).

After the exercise, it was time for discussions between participants, networking and exchange of opinions and experiences.