KG Legal Kiełtyka Gładkowski takes part in launching the Centre for New Computational Methods in Personalised Medicine – In Silico Institute. Digital patient (digital twin)

In Krakow there will be launched the Centre for New Computational Methods in Personalized Medicine – a new unit of implementation research, in which innovative methods of medical and personalized diagnostics will be developed, using advanced technologies, models and computer simulations for this purpose.

New methods will be developed in close cooperation between science and business – the goal is to systematically implement new methods for clinical practice.

The project has a guaranteed funding of 30M € at the start, half of which will be allocated to the first research projects that have not yet been defined – this is the first of the tasks of the new institute. The plan provides for dynamic development of cooperation with many partners and a rapid development of further R & D projects. Half of the funds available for 7 years will be allocated, among others, for activities supporting the commercialization of research results and the development of cooperation with the industry.

Formally, the activities of the InSilico Medicine Institute in Krakow will start this summer (2019), which is why during the Next Health session at Cracow Tech Week 2019, an event that is part of IMPACT’19, there have been invited all interested parties. There will be discussed the opportunities open up to the environment related to biomedical engineering, the target and aims of the Centre, how further relations with the environment shall be built, what scope and what impact the activities of the Centre will have on our health and quality of life.

The event takes place on 22 May 2019 at 17:00 in the SPACE FORUM in Krakow.

Link to the CTW agenda: