KG Legal joins IIPLA (International Intellectual Property Law Association)

 Attorney Małgorzata Kiełtyka of KG Legal Kiełtyka Gładkowski was admitted to the International Intellectual Property Law Association based in San Jose, California. It is a global association bringing together the best lawyers dealing with intellectual property rights. It organizes international events, promotes education related to intellectual property rights, coordinates cooperation among the members of the association, providing them with the opportunity to exchange information.

IIPLA also acts as a team of experts to monitor the development and changing trends in intellectual property rights around the world in order to provide information on leading trends. The scope of cooperation includes both individual lawyers and large law firms as well as institutions. IIPLA also conducts research using its global reach as well as the practical knowledge of its members. The conferences organized by IIPLA allow for the exchange of opinions on intellectual property rights in the world of constantly developing new technologies. Due to a large group of members, opinions presented at IIPLA conferences are critical but also varied. An important element of the participation in IIPLA is also the ability to contact other members via a unique online platform. Thanks to this, lawyers-members can reach specialists from around the world.

The participation of KG Legal in the IIPLA organization will enable the law firm to contact the international lawyers specialising in the intellectual property protection sector and to pursue more effectively cross-border cases in which KG Legal specializes, in particular in the area of the protection of software, technology, personal data, medical technologies, fintech, BIO-IT projects and life science.