On 20-21 October KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL took part in the online events of the Data People Summit organised by Ataccama in Boston, Massachusetts. The main events included leadership sessions, fast-track training and Ataccama products launch.  

The Summit gave an excellent opportunity to upskill, learn about data management and train with the best experts and professionals in the field. 

The courses included topics such as data management capabilities, cloud data management, and data ethics. They were organised by John Bottega (President), Mike Meriton (Founder & COO), and Diana Ascher (Head of Research) from EDM Council, which is the leading advocate for the development and implementation of Data Standards, Best Practices and comprehensive Training and Certification programs.

On one of the events, there was a showcase of Ataccama’s new products. Ataccama, which was the organizer of the Summit, is a global software company delivering a unified platform for automated data quality, MDM, and metadata management—Ataccama ONE. They specialize in complex enterprise data governance solutions that provide sustainable, long-term value. Considering that, the Summit gave a great opportunity to see the new tools and features of the company.

Some of the most interesting events included:

  • The company’s updates from the CEO of Ataccama: Michal Klaus
  • Conversation with NASA Pioneers – inspirational panel session about the importance of cooperation and successful leadership
  • Presales Workshop
  • Course on data management capability assessment model and cloud capabilities
  • Data Quality 101 – training about fundamental data quality concepts
  • Post- Processing Training
  • Maximizing Innovation through Data Democratization – panel about new challenges concerning the democratization of data
  • Partner Training: Solution Based Selling – workshop helping to understand how to assess data management needs and challenges of the company’s clients,
  • The future of Data Management – panel abut the current trend and the future of the field
  • Working Backwards – a session about Amazon’s innovation process
  • MDM 101 – training on master data management
  • Data Ethics & Responsible AI with the EDM Council – course on basic ethical principles relevant to data
  • Embracing Data Democratization- Challenges & Opportunities – senior data leaders panel
  • Training on Ataccama’s MDM Introduction & Logical Modeling

The Summit has invited some of the best professionals in the Data Management field and other inspirational guest to take part in the conference, which are:

  • Noel Yuhanna – VP, Principal Analyst,  Forrester
  • Svetlana Reznik – General Manager, Customer Success, Microsoft
  • Lex Crosett – Enterprise Technologist, AWS
  • John Bottega – President & Co-founder, EDM Council
  • Louise Hannah – Emcee
  • Mike Meriton – COO & Co-founder, EDM Council
  • Diana Ascher – Head of Research, EDM Council
  • Michal Klaus – CEO, Ataccama
  • Marek Ovcacek – Chief Product Evangelist & VP of Platform Strategy, Ataccama
  • Colonel Eileen Collins – NASA Pioneer; First Female Space Shuttle Pilot; First Woman Mission Commander in NASA History
  • Ginger Kerrick – First Latina Director of NASA Mission Control and 30-Year Veteran of the Johnson Space Center
  • Martin Zahumensky – CPTO, Ataccama
  • Vladimir Lukic – Managing Director and Senior Partner, BCG and BCG GAMMA
  • Jane Urban – Sr. Director, Commercial Data Management and Strategy Outgoing Executive Sponsor, Takeda Pharmaceutical
  • John Adamo – Vice President, Chief Product Owner, Master Data Management, Prudential
  • Raj Nimmagadda – Global Head of R&D Data, Sanofi
  • Brian Coogan – Head of Innovation and Advanced Process Solutions, Fidelity Investment
  • Jason Wright – Data Quality Lead, T-Mobile
  • Sarah Oraby – Data Quality Lead, BCBS of NC
  • Brian Buzzelli – SVP, Enterprise Data Management, Acadian Asset Management
  • Sarka Klofacova – CEO APAC and CCO, Ataccama
  • Israel Abraham – Head of Data Management & Engineering, MassMutual
  • Plumaletta Berry – Sr Manager, Data Analytics and Research for Healthcare, Lifelabs
  • Kishore Aradhya – Senior Director, AI & Advanced Analytics, Stanley Black & Decker
  • Sona Smid – Partner Success Director, Ataccama
  • David Kolinek – VP of Data Governance, Ataccama
  • Lenka Studnicna – Platform Product Manager, Ataccama
  • Rahim Hajee – Chief Technology Strategy Officer, Adastra
  • Diana Babiac – Product Manager RDM and ONE Data, Ataccama
  • Matthew Taylor – Projects & Solutions Director, Ataccama
  • Vani Saraswathy – Data Consultant, Ataccama
  • Afshin Lofti – CEO of North America, Ataccama
  • May Kwok – DQ / MDM Consultant, Ataccama
  • Tom Bolek – VP Presales, Ataccama
  • Ales Kotek – Projects and Solution Director, Ataccama
  • Zuzana Vytiskova – DQ/MDM Consultant, Ataccama
  • Sukesh Reddy – Solution Architect and Managing Consultant, Ataccama
  • Daniel Marinovic – Director of Professional Services, Ataccama
  • Rafeeq Durowoju – Principle Consultant, Ataccama
  • Anna Spakova – Solution Consultant, Ataccama
  • Abir Newaz – Senior Solutions Consultant, Ataccama
  • Lukas Kolek – VP of Data Quality, Ataccama
  • Jakub Duha – DQ/MDM Consultant, Ataccama
  • Jonas Sevcik – Engineering Manager of ONE Portal, Ataccama.