publication date: December 8, 2022

On December 12, 2022, the first industry meeting of POLISH TELEHEALTH ALLIANCE 2022 will take place in the building of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, where the most important entities operating on this market, together with representatives of public administration, will try to find an answer to the question of ‘Why telemedicine is not widely available in within the framework of benefits guaranteed in Poland’.

The event is a closed working conference, organized by the environment of telemedicine companies and addressed to entities from the telemedicine market. Among the organizers there are companies such as: Clebre, Medapp, Nestmedic, Pro-PLUS, Sidly, Telemedycyna Polska. During the event, participants will discuss patients’ access to telemedicine solutions, identify market blockers and work out joint actions with the Ministry of Health, the National Health Fund and the Medical Research Agency, aimed at market development and implementation.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the discussion with invited representatives of the most important decision-makers – in order to initiate a dialogue leading to the identification of the needs of the health care system, coordination of research and scientific activities on new technologies and effective implementation of telemedicine innovations to the basket of guaranteed benefits on the example of changes in POZ PLUS (Preparation, testing and implementation of coordinated care organization (OOK) into the health care system Stage II Pilot phase – POZ PLUS model) and the entrusted budget. The first panel will be devoted to these issues. In the second part of the conference, representatives of telemedicine companies will share their experiences and try to identify the most important challenges facing the industry, such as: regulatory changes related to the Medical Device Regulation, pilots of telemedicine solutions implemented by the Polish Ministry of Health, or new projects as part of the activities of the Polish Medical Research Agency.

The conference will also be attended by representatives of VC and Business Angels and startups from the telemedicine market will be presented.

The aim of the meeting is that with the participation of decision-makers, it will be possible to develop conclusions and ideas that, in the course of joint work with entrepreneurs, will be implemented on the market.

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI as a legal advisor in all legal and business aspects of telemedicine in cross-border relations (regulatory issues, contracts, co-financing, data protection, software) participates in industry events.