KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL will participate in “Healthtronics EU-Israel bridge”

On 27 January 2022 there will take place the event “Healthtronics EU – Israel bridge”, organized by LifeScience Cluster Krakow, which will be attended by partners from KG LEGAL. The meeting is aimed at establishing cooperation between Polish, European and Israeli entities within the framework of a virtual business mission and their familiarisation with the health sector in the European Union countries and Israel. In addition, it aims to broaden the horizons of the high-tech industry, provide practical knowledge on the commercialisation of products and inspire projects in the field of health and biotechnology. The meeting will discuss topics related to value chains in the health sector, the e-health ecosystem in Israel and the Israeli medical device sector. During the meeting, a three-hour networking event is planned for representatives of companies from the European Union countries and Israel, who will have the opportunity to present themselves during the meeting and establish contacts between each other. Companies such as ARANET, BIO-T, BORN, PERCEPTUS, DARWIN BIOMEDICAL, TYTOCARE, VIRUSIGHT, VITALERTER, YSIUM MEDICAL, ZAYA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE will participate in the meeting.

Digital health refers to the use of information and communication technologies to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare through prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and management of health and lifestyle habits. The European Commission is taking action to develop the digital health sector and has this as one of its main objectives for the 2019-2025 cadence. A common European health data space is to be created not only for treatment, but also for research and health policy-making. This space is to be built on the pillars of a robust data governance system and rules governing data exchange, data quality and appropriate infrastructure and interoperability. Both the European Union and Israel place great emphasis on developing the digital health sector in the upcoming years. Meetings such as the “Healthtronics EU-Israel bridge” can facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience to develop the digital health sector and contribute to improving the accessibility and quality of healthcare.

LifeScience Kraków cluster was established in 2006 as a network of cooperation between institutions and companies interested in the development of biotechnology and life science. Its main tasks are to support entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of life science, creation of cooperation networks between companies, institutions and research centres and development of life science resources in order to use the opportunities and chances related to the development of innovative economy related to this knowledge. The activities of the Cluster consist of two interdependent value chains: Products and Technologies for Health and Quality of Life and Products and Technologies for Sustainable Development and Bioeconomy. Members of LifeScience Kraków Cluster include also partners from KG LEGAL, specializing in protection of pharmaceutical and biotechnological patents, digital health, telemedicine and application of AI in medicine, apart from the entire spectrum of corporate matters and contracts.

The patrons of the event are NE4HEALTH, COSME programme of the European Union, Embassy of Israel, Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, Functional Print Cluster, Interizon, LETERA, Organic Electronics Saxony and ROHEALTH.