On May 12-13, 2021, Małgorzata Kiełtyka and Jakub Gładkowski from KG LEGAL Kiełtyka Gładkowski participated in IMPACT’21.

Energy transformation, green economy, the National Reconstruction Plan, the development of local e-commerce, the prospects of the banking sector and the expansion of digital banking were just some of the topics discussed during the event. Speakers talked about the health care system, the development of the cryptocurrency market and cybersecurity. As part of the paths: Sport and Art, it was possible to talk about the management and economic realities of the Polish sports sector as well as investment trends in art in Poland. In a separate path entitled Women Empowerment there was discussed the role of women in business and the fight against discrimination. In terms of the digital future, the speakers talked about technological innovations in 2021, the impact of 5G on the global economy and the issue of whether Asia will remain a key player in the race of technological innovations.

In terms of finance, the speakers talked about the outlook for the banking sector in 2021 by strengthening resilience and accelerating digital transformation, the future of non-cash payments in the post-pandemic world, and the impact of the pandemic on valuations and investments in the fintech industry. On blockchain and digital resources platforms, the lectures discussed the impact of blockchain technology on financial services, the development of digital currencies and forecasts for cryptocurrencies and digital currencies. In addition, the organization of transport after the pandemic, examples of the effective implementation of innovative and environmentally friendly infrastructure and the latest trends in sustainable consumption were analysed. There were discussed technologies such as AI, cloud, blockchain, 5G and quantum computing and the possibility of their cooperation. In addition, speakers talked about 5G and AI technologies in the development of transport and environmental protection, and analysed the question of the possibilities of public-private partnership in response to urban problems or how to protect smart and digitally connected cities against hacker attacks and phishing.

IMPACT’21 aimed to face the challenges of reality, forge new alliances and redefine old concepts.