Setting up one-man business activity in Poland (the simplest form of business activity)

A business activity is an organized profit-making activity focused on making profit, conducted on a continuous basis and under one’s own name. People whose income does not exceed 50% of the minimum wage and who have not undertaken a business activity in the last 60 months are exempt from the duty of registration.

Establishing a one-man business involves the need to register the business in the Central Register and Information on Business Activity (Register of Business Activity). Filling out the necessary form (CEIDG-1) can take place in several different ways, the most recently introduced method is the possibility of filling out this form by phone via a consultant (this option was introduced in 2017). However, this requires that a physical signature is subsequently placed in the appropriate office. This application can also be submitted electronically online, in person, or by registered mail sent to a municipality or town’s office. An application for entry to the Register of Business Activity submitted online requires the applying physical person to have an electronic signature or a Trusted e-Profile, alternatively it can be authenticated via electronic banking (some banks offer such a service).

The application for the entry into the Register of Business Activity in connection with a one-man business is free of charge.