Polish Start-ups in the world of innovation

uprpOn the 1st – 2nd September 2016 XII International Symposium was held in Cracow and KG Legal was a participant thereof. The event was organised by the Polish Patent Office and co-organised with World Intellectual Property Office, Embassy of Israel in Poland, Jagiellonian University, AGH University of Science and Technology.


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Start-ups are becoming the most frequently chosen form of business and Cracow is becoming the hub of innovations, therefore the subject and the main goal of the Symposium was to show how the start-ups operate and to indicate possible ways of funding start-ups. The important thing in this type of business is legal protection and commercialisation of intellectual property. In Poland the Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship (Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości) are the examples of the activity of the universities in the creation of innovative thinking.

During the symposium the experts from Israel, Germany and Switzerland discussed the operation of start-ups in their countries. One of the speakers was Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier who is the Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest and the Managing Partner of Swiss Startup Factory which are non-governmental organisations and he introduced the participants with the method of the operation of start-ups in Switzerland. Another speech that riveted our attention was given by Monika Rozalska who is the Managing Director of CREATORS which is a design studio in Tel Aviv. It was interesting in so much Israel has nowadays become a hub of innovation with a considerable state aid provided to start-ups, which is a very effective incentive for entrepreneurs.

Poland is a land of opportunity in IT sector. There are a lot of companies in the sector of new technologies and a lot of investment opportunities. We just have to follow Israel and Switzerland examples to improve operation of start-ups and fundraising. Kg Legal as a law firm specialising in cross border sectors of new technologies, including IT and ICT, acquired new contacts and learned about new opportunities for its Clients in respect of providing foreign investors and seed capital for Polish startups.

The information was prepared by Kamil Trzaskoś of KG Legal Polish Law Firm. KG Legal provides specialised legal assistance to IT, Life Science as well as investment processes in Poland and organises networking between Polish and international companies and research centres.
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