Investment potential and options in Poland for international investors

The scale of international investment in Poland in recent years

According to analyses, 2021 a record year in terms of the number and value of investments in Poland. From the beginning of the last year, 402 investment support decisions were issued. By analogy, in the same period last year this was a difference of 56%. The value of investments in 2021 was approximately 17.3 billion PLN, which is an increase of 14% compared to the whole of 2020.

Since the beginning of the Polish Investment Zone (which is an instrument thanks to which one can obtain tax relief for the realization of a new investment, which can be used throughout Poland, regardless of the size of the company. Such support is granted to companies from the industrial and modern services sector), 1209 decisions on investment support have already been issued. 2021 declarations accounted for 33% of the total and were declarations of over 9500 new workplaces.

Which countries do investors come from?

Foreign investors come mainly from Germany, the United States and South Korea. There are also investors from countries such as the Netherlands or Luxembourg, among others.

These include representatives of the automotive industry (including manufacturers of batteries for electric cars). There are many shared service centres. A significant proportion of foreign investors in Poland are from the so-called clean energy areas. An example of this are American companies, such as Westinghouse, which cooperate precisely in this area.

Interministerial Team for Investments of Significant Importance to the Polish Economy

The legal basis for the Team’s activities is Regulation No. 38 of the PRM of 1 June 2015 on the appointment of the Interministerial Team for Investments of Significant Importance for the Polish Economy. M.P. 2015 item 520.

The Team consists of: Secretary of State or Undersecretary in the Ministry responsible for economy (chairman), one representative at the rank of Secretary or Undersecretary of State designated by the Minister in charge of the government administration department, Representative of the Chancellery of the Council of Ministers, Representative of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

The main tasks of the Team include:

  • Analysis of investment projects from the point of view of their impact on the Polish economy on its innovativeness and competitiveness;
  • Assessment of investment projects presented by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency from the point of view of whether it is justified to provide support.

The Team is the body that decides on the granting of financial support in the form of grants to companies in Poland. Grants have recently been decided for 12 companies, half of which are Polish.

The value of the grants ranges from several hundred thousand PLN to several tens of millions of PLN. The value depends primarily on the value of the investor’s outlay.

The potential of the Polish labour market for foreign investors

The main advantage of the Polish labour market for foreign investors is its geographical location. Other advantages include relative economic stability and educated and creative employees. There have also been recent changes in Polish law relating to the facilitation of the employment of foreigners. The most recent act extends the period of work with a statement to two years and speeds up the issuance of permits for strategic industries.

Poland is also competitive on the foreign investment market in terms of investment conditions and location.

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