The protocol of opening the webite as an evidence in litigation

Polish legal system foresees a possibility to draw up various types of notarial protocols in order to restore the objective truth relating to the claim and litigation. The example of this solution is the protocol of the opening of a website.

Such a protocol confirms the content of a website, which provides hugely useful evidence while pleading a case. The protocol has to be done by the Notary, who – by issuing such a protocol – authenticates the content as on a day and at the time of the website’s opening. It is very useful, for example, in the event if a foreign creditor has a debt to enforce in Poland and there arise different obstacles in submitting the evidence (e.g. the debtor closes his business). It is very common that contractors trust the information that they gained through the internet and after instituting the proceedings the website is being unexpectedly changed.

When holding the protocol of the opening of a website we can be sure that the court will examine it and the notary’s statement will have the power of an official document which states that the website had a particular content described in the protocol at a given date.