The use of a standard agreement in business transactions

Occurrence of standard agreement in business transactions is already a common practice. Companies in most contracts concluded with their contractors use the previously developed standard agreement. Pawel Dyrduł, lawyer from law office KG Legal Kiełtyka Gładkowski Sp.p with its registered office in Krakow, discusses the issue of using this “instrument” in business transactions.

A standard agreement

There is no legal definition of a standard agreement in the Polish legal system. However, on the basis of legislation and economic practice, one can attempt to define this concept. The standard agreement will be understood as contranct previously made by the contractor, which will, in principle, be identical for each client. This a standard agreement can thus be repeatedly used by the trader to conclude an agreement with a contractor. A standard agreement refers to a contract whose terms are to remain constant. Changes which only be made are the contractor’s data, the date of conclusion of the contract. Currently, the practice of using a standard agreement in business is very common. For example, banks, insurance companies, telecom operators, electricity providers, etc. are developing and using a standard agreements.